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‘5 Tips to increase your leads this weekend’ 


#1 ~ Refresh your website

This means changing up the images and fonts you use. You could even go for a complete rebrand on your website, which might be something that you could do given the time we currently have. However, if you don't want to do a complete rebrand, then changing up images and fonts could be a quick refreshing way to touch up your website. 

With the fonts you shouldn't be looking at more than three fonts on a page, one of the those should be the heading, another the subheading, and the third should be for the main body of the text. Any more than that can be overwhelming to somebody and they are likely to jump straight off your website.

If there are loads of different fonts or if they are overly swirly fonts it can be hard to read, so try and keep it clear. 


Remember: A confused mind says no


Change up those images for an instant facelift and it will really attract more people to stay on your website. Other people who've already been on your website will also see that something's changed so when they come back to your site they’ll be more intrigued to stop and have a look round.

If you leave your images all the same and if you don't change things up occasionally people think that you have forgotten all about your website and that possibly you aren’t in business anymore. 


Remember: couples sometimes look for vendors years in advance, if your website looks the same today as it did 3 years ago it could lose you, potential clients.



#2 ~ Send out testimonial requests 

Given that we are all locked down at the moment and a lot of us are at home we’ve got a bit of extra time on our hands. Send out an email request to every client you've had in the last 6-months that hasn't given you a testimonial and ask them if they would mind providing you with one. 

You can send them an email request or maybe you could send them a SurveyMonkey survey so that you can get a bit more information from them. You could even hop on a call, record the call and then write that out as a testimonial.

If you do send out an email just make sure that you follow up a week later and ask them if they got it, check in with them and get those testimonials coming in because that will be a very powerful tool both on your website and on your social media.

Word-of-mouth is such a powerful source of new lead generation, so get those testimonials in and you will see a difference. 



#3 ~ Social media consistency

This is a big one and it is one that I struggle with myself so I’m slapping my own wrist while I'm saying this. Find a way to show up daily on your social. You could post at the same time every day.

Make it a routine so that every morning you go online and you post on Instagram or Facebook while having your morning cuppa. You could even do it in advance, so, every Sunday for an hour you plan out the following week's posts and get them scheduled so that they’re there and ready. 

Ask simple questions, encourage commenting and hop in and respond to those comments, even if you schedule your posts on a Sunday still show up daily.

If somebody came to your feed and the last post was last month or last year, they’re going to question your commitment and whether you're still in business. They're more likely to just move on rather than ask if you are still in business.

Showing up is really important, schedule one or two times a day to hop on to social media, reply to comments you've received and to go into other accounts and comment on those. You will see a big difference with the engagement you're getting to your social posts and the more engagement you get the more likely you are to make social media a top source of lead generation for you.



lead generation



#4 ~ Build your networking list

Fellow vendors can be such a great source of lead generation. If you find other vendors in your area that fit with your style, engage with them get on social media. Send them an email, ask for a Zoom meet up while we're on lockdown, make connections and build relationships.

You can create genuine friendship this way and they will naturally lead to leads flowing back and forth. 

Take this time to create a group around you of like-minded vendors and you can then recommend each other and that can go a long way into building up your leads. SPWV is a great way to do this we encourage networking between members on and offline.

If you want to get on our waiting list head over to www.SPWV.co.uk We are officially opening our doors in July to UK wedding vendors and we would love to see you in the Society and help you build your vendor connections. 



#5 ~ Get a sign-up banner on your website

For GDPR purposes you need to be careful in the way you word things so you can't offer a freebie in exchange for their email address anymore but you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter and they will get something (your Freebie) as a thank you for signing up.

You can have a hello banner at the top of your site that is static and is there all the time through which they can join your list. 

I also recommend a pop-up on exit, I use MailChimp myself and you may use something different but you can get a pop-up that appears when people go to leave your site.  This way it doesn’t disrupt their enjoyment of moving around your site and looking at everything, it's just this last thing that serves as a reminder for them to sign up to your newsletter to stay in touch with you.

In those pop-ups, you can put a few more words. For example ‘sign up for our newsletter and I will give you a free download of 10 tips to make your wedding photos look amazing’. When they sign up they get your newsletter and you've given them something as a thank you and you’ve complied with GDPR.


Reminder: Don’t ask Don’t get


As you can see these are all things that you could do this weekend to boost your lead generation but you can certainly put in more time if you have it. For example, it could be a great time as I said to do a total rebrand of your website, you can make these networking connections, spend more time networking with vendors and get to know about their business.

See if you can help them with anything, share each other on social networks. Get your social media sorted, work out how you’re going to post. Is it going to be a daily upload or a weekly? You could be really brave and do a monthly upload. Get all of that setup and set into a routine that will follow you through when we get back to normality.

Resources & Links

‘5 Tips to increase your leads this weekend’ 


About the author 

Donna Eade

Donna Is the Founder of the SPWV. She has spent over 10 years in the wedding industry 9 of those as a wedding photographer and then as a wedding planner.

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