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Awesome testimonials validate your business, they validate you as a professional, and they encourage clients to sign up and buy from you. We can all blow our own trumpet. Although some of us have a harder time doing that. That's me. But it doesn't mean much if you haven't got clients who back you up. Of course, you'll say you're great. You want their business. But what others think, that's what couples want to see.


Why Testimonials are important

Testimonials have become even more necessary in the light of sites like eBay and Amazon, where you can go on and review your purchases and your experience with the business or the individual. We are so used to being able to see what others think before we decide if we want to spend our money or not. Remember, you're usually asking a lot more than the average eBay or Amazon seller, so your testimonials are going to be even more important. 


How do we get a steady flow of more and better testimonials coming in? You can send an email to your clients two weeks after their wedding, asking them to write you a testimonial. Send a follow up a week later if you haven't heard from them. If you listen to Episode Three, this is something that you can put on to an autoresponder


I have an email template for you in this week's download, which you can get here. You can adapt it to your own business. This should help increase your testimonials and result in better testimonials than just waiting to see if they're going to send you a thank you card.  


Ready to up-level?

To uplevel your testimonials you need to ask the right questions. Rather than just sending out an email asking for a testimonial, send an email asking them to fill in a quick feedback survey. Ask the questions that you want answers to. Such as; what was your favourite part about working with me? How clear did you find the communication between us? How did you find my contact on the day of? Were you happy with the post-wedding process? Was it clear? Is there anything I could do to improve for future clients? Is there anything you would like to add? 


This is ‘next level’ because you can also ask what you can improve going forward. So not only do you get stellar testimonials that answer the questions that perhaps your future clients will ask the most, but you also get to find out what you can do to level up your service. 


You can also ask those that you feel might be comfortable with it to do a video testimonial for you. Now, you could do this in person as an interview or you could just ask them to jump on their iPhone and record a quick video telling people about their experience with you. This could really level up your testimonials. Being able to see people saying good things about you has so much more power than just the written word. 


Testimonials, Society of Professional Wedding Vendors


Lead with honesty

You want to make sure that all of your testimonials are genuine testimonials. Don’t fake it til you make it here it will be as obvious as a circus parade. Make sure that you ask permission to use the testimonials and get photographs of your couples to go alongside them. When people can see the faces and read or watch somebody speaking about you it gives it much more validity. 


So work out which version you're going to apply for collecting testimonials video or survey. Maybe you could do a bit of a split test and see how the responses go. Think about the questions that relate to how you work and your trade and you can use a tool like Survey Monkey to collect responses. You can do 10 questions for free on Survey Monkey and you don't really want your testimonial to be any more than questions, you can set it all up, send it over to your clients in an email with a link and just ask them to go and fill in the survey.


Resources & Links:

Email Template

Episode Three



About the author 

Donna Eade

Donna Is the Founder of the SPWV. She has spent over 10 years in the wedding industry 9 of those as a wedding photographer and then as a wedding planner.

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