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How to Create Lifelong Clients

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Do you want to find out how you can keep your couples coming back and becoming lifelong clients?

When I was a practising wedding photographer, I decided to add an incentive to my top package as a way not only to create want for the top package, but also to open up an option for lifelong clients.

So what I did was within that top package, I offered a client for life experience and what this meant was any client that bought my top wedding photography package, also got a voucher every year on their anniversary to cover the cost of a photoshoot with me. So they could use this photoshoot for pregnancy shoot, baby shoot, family shoot, couples and their pets shoot. 

They could even pass it on to a friend or relative if they didn't want to use it that year. This was my way of keeping in contact with them becoming their go-to photographer for any of their photographic needs during their marriage. It also opened it up to getting new clients if they were to gift the session to one of their friends or family. 


What could it look like?

This was an easy way to get clients for life. However, it doesn't work. If that's all you do, you have to follow up and you have to make sure that you are keeping in contact. 

So think out of the box, what can you do for your couples going forward? Can you do what I did? Are there other services that you can offer? Perhaps you have another part of your business that you run alongside your wedding profession such as a celebrant who may also work in the coaching or therapy space. Perhaps you can offer check-ins with your couples to help them navigate married life. As a stationer, you could offer birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, you may not offer these as standard, but that makes it more special. So use that. Being able to work with them beyond their day keeps you at the forefront of their mind so that when their friends get married, you're an obvious choice for them to recommend.


5 things you can do to keep your clients beyond the wedding day

So let's discuss five things that you can do to keep your couples coming back for more regardless of your trade.


Offer a lifetime discount as I did for the particular service that you've decided to offer. If you have offered a lifetime discount to something or money off of a certain thing, then send them a voucher on their anniversary and follow up with them. See if they want to use it. I used to offer my lifetime has the option of the gift voucher. As I said they could give it to a friend if they didn't feel the need to use it. But if I didn't communicate with them, they didn't know that was an option. If they didn't want to use it unless I prompted them to offer it to somebody else, it was something that they wouldn't have remembered.


Stay in touch with them via snail mail, or email. 


Connect on social media and engage like their posts comment, remind them you're there. 

makeup artist clients for life


Send them birthday cards, anniversary cards, connect with them both separately about the possibility of birthday gifts for one another. If you're a stationer and you email the groom a month before his wife's birthday to offer to make her a stunning card in their wedding colours and post it to his work for him to be able to write out you'll become his new BFF.


Offer a loyalty or bonus scheme. Give your couples something for recommending you. You could go for a voucher for your services for a connection and then send them something if that connection buys.

Depending on your price point. It may be something you can do yourself as a baker might do a batch of four cupcakes as a thank you box for a referral, a florist might send flowers. You might order flowers or spa products to send if your trade doesn't have physical products. You could do one or all of the above to keep your couples. But know the more you do, the more likely you are to get further business from them or through recommendations.


Keep client interaction genuine

Keep the interest genuine, keep notes if you need to. If you see their dog’s ill one week, check back and ask them the next week how their dogs doing.

Book a time in your calendar to do these client engagements. You might interact just in your regular scrolling on social media but block off time to check on upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and go through social and like and comment on things. 

So today we went through 5 things that you can do to keep your brides and grooms as clients. You can offer lifetime discounts, you can stay in touch with them by email and snail mail, you can connect on social media, you can send birthday and anniversary cards, you can offer a loyalty scheme. I hope you found that useful. And if there is anything that you do to love upon your couples after the wedding, then tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear what you do.


Resources & Links

Download: Checklist for lifelong clients

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