010 Reset to Get Set Challenge


The Challenge that is 2020

It has been a very, very strange 2020 so far. I think you will agree it will definitely be going down in the world history books as a time when the world stood still. And I have a confession to make, I kinda feel like I'm partly to blame. 

So over the years, I have said, and I quote. 

‘I wish the world would just stop for a little bit so I could get off,’ 

please tell me you have also felt this way. 

This has usually been down to work pressures or a downturn in my mental health at the time. But what I meant, was, I needed a break. I just didn't want to miss out on the world and everything in it by taking that break. 

I just needed to press the pause button. I don't know how you feel but for me, COVID has certainly created that pause. However, I have been busier than ever working on this podcast and the Society. I haven't really been able to take advantage of the pause that's been afforded to me. 

But therein lies the difference between doing something you are really passionate about, and dealing with the humdrum of life. 


Challenge where we are and where we need to be

What I have been able to do with this pause is look at where the industry is and what I can do to help, now we have basically seen the wedding industry grind to a halt. The same pause that's happening the world over has definitely hit the wedding industry hard. 

We've all been sat at home without our jobs to do. We may well have gotten into a routine of wearing sweatpants and our hoodies.  Or our summer dresses when the weather's been good. Sitting in, watching TV, sunbathing in the garden, or doing any number of things that wasn't focused on our business. 


reset to get set 21 day challenge


But now is the time! As we are starting to come out of lockdown, and hopefully that will continue in the current trajectory. We should be out of it at some point in the future (sooner rather than later let's hope.) Now is the time to start getting back into work a little bit and that is why I have devised this 21 Day Challenge. To help us get ready to open up for business again. Now, I said there are no guarantees that we're going to be open by the time this challenge ends and we certainly won't be back to normal. 

But I want us to get us moving in the right direction to build us up, ready to start afresh and be ready to serve. To put a bit of energy back into our step as we slowly start to move forward out of lockdown. 



The 21 Day Challenge

Reset to Get Set is broken into three weeks. In week one, we're going to be looking at brand clarity. We're going to be looking at focusing on your website, on your branding, and if it's still a good portrayal of who you are and the clients you want to serve. 

In week two, we're going to be looking at creating leads and connect with couples that you want to serve. In week three, we're going to look at embracing content. Answering why we need to be creating content on a regular basis so that we can create connections and gather those leads.

Each week we'll start with a new workbook for the theme and each day a new video will come out on the free Facebook pop up group. Don't worry, the video will be emailed to you as well so you will get the information straight to your inbox too. The challenge runs Monday to Friday so you get the weekend off or if you are busy during the week, you'll have time to catch up. So if you would like to join the Reset to Get Set Challenge, join by hitting the button below. You'll get an email right away the Challenge starts on the 6th of July I hope to see you on the inside.


Next week, just so happens to be my birthday so I won’t be around but we will have a new podcast which will be focusing on client care and going above and beyond. 

About the author 

Donna Eade

Donna Is the Founder of the SPWV. She has spent over 10 years in the wedding industry 9 of those as a wedding photographer and then as a wedding planner.

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