July 17

014 Doors are opening!

About the SPWV


Who am I?

I am going to take a moment today to tell you a little bit more about the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors behind the podcast and why you might consider joining us when the doors open in just 10 days time.

So if you were a new listener, or you’ve missed a few episodes, you may be wondering, what are your credentials, Donna? Why should I trust you with this? 

Well, I've been a wedding photographer for over 10 years, though I'm not actively photographing at this time. I've also been a wedding coordinator for a hotel, a very eye-opening experience. I've also coordinated a membership for the British Healthcare Trade Association for five and a half years. So I have wedding industry experience and experience in trade based memberships, but above and beyond my work history. I am hugely passionate about brides having access to professional vendors who will treat their day with the care and respect that they should expect from a pro. 


The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors

The society is an organization that puts a huge emphasis on professionalism and high levels of client care. All members have to sign up to our code of conduct, which covers things like how you advertise, how you communicate and how you conduct your business. Members must agree to this code, and they must provide evidence that they have the necessary qualification to do their job. Now, not all jobs require qualifications, but those without qualifications must provide evidence of experience. You're also required to provide insurance certificates and any other certificates required to carry out your job such as food hygiene or drone licenses. 




The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors Members

As a member of the society you'll receive recognition for your professionalism and client care in the form of the use of the SPWV logo and a certificate (for annual payers). You also get listed on our directory and we promote our members through our social media channels. You will also have access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with members from around the country. You will have networking opportunities within the group as well. 


Try the Quiz

We provide ongoing professional development in the form of business masterclasses, where you can cover topics such as financial and legal systems and social media, all with the aim of helping you to streamline and improve your business workflow to give you more time to do what you love. So we have a new quiz out to see if the society is a good fit for you. You can take the quiz here. The doors open on the 27th of July but they won't stay open to the public for long. So join the waiting list. Keep an eye on your inbox and don't miss out.


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