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Do you wake up in the morning go through your morning routine get to your desk or open your phone go to your social and stare at the screen wondering what should I post today? Or worse do you instantly start to scroll?

Social media content is necessary to our business couples are online searching for suppliers and wanting to find the best that’s you my friend so if you aren’t on social media you are missing a trick.

However, it is not enough to BE on social media you have to be active and engaging but how do you come out with something interesting every day how do you become productive on social instead of procrastinating 

I hear you I’ struggle with the same thing. I have created a system for myself that helps me with my content so I’m able to create something for each day but the scroll temptation is strong. Let me know if you have the secret sauce to stop the scroll I’m here for it.

But today I want to give you 3 tips to solve your social media content requirements

Lets jump in


#Tip 1

Use the hashtags



#throwbackthursday or #tbt

That’s three days sorted

Top tip Tuesday

Can you think of 13 top tips for couples related to your area of the wedding industry?

Remember most people don’t see all your posts couples also cycle through, they get married and aren’t watching your page anymore. You can cycle those 13 tips throughout the year change the image you share each time and boom 52 days sorted.

Wedding Wednesday

Use this to share anniversary celebrations of past clients tag them in it, share a story from a recent event or congratulate and shout out someone who inquired with you recently.  

Throwback Thursday

Share an old blog, an old picture and tell the story. The fact you CAN do this will make you attractive to new clients the fact you remember your clients and love on your past clients and can give funny anecdotes from past events this will endear you to potential clients. It also shows you're experienced in your area and that you have longevity.


Social media content creation


#Tip 2

National holidays


Don’t use these all the time, be selective and use the holidays for engagement posts. It was national dog day earlier this week and I saw 4 business friends post pics of their dogs and tell their followers to share images of their dogs and they are some of the most engaged posts they have all week.

It isn’t about the engagement though but about the fact more people see it. Which means more people are like, 'oh yes I remember following this person, yea I’m ready to book my XYZ I’ll reach out.'

Remember the social media algorithms show your post to very few people organically, by throwing in a post like this once a week it creates more engagement which pushes your post to more people who already follow you. 


#Tip 3

Write your plan! Knowing these things is fine but if you don’t actually write a plan that includes the topic of each post, you’ll never follow through. So create a spreadsheet have one sheet per month. One line per day and just write the gist the topic for each post. For example, write out your 13 tips copy and paste them into your spreadsheet on each tuesday until the year is full. Wedding Wednesday go write in your past couples anniversary against the Wednesday that’s the closest to their date. Open you blog and go back to post one and add the link to thursdays in your spreadsheet.

It takes a little time but once you have done this once it’s almost a repeatable process. Those anniversaries come around each year and if you can say happy 2,3,4,5,10 anniversary to them and tag them this puts you in front of their friends too so you are always being remembered. The 13 tips as I said you can cycle. Once every 6 months you could look to see if you have a different 13 to put in if you wanted to. If you do a weekly blog you can just go back to jan 2020 in jan 2021 and do your #tbt to the same week last year. That will be in interesting one through 2021.


Social Media Content Calendar Creation

I hope those tips helped if you would like more Social Media Content help I’m running a workshop on the 14th of September to help you create a years worth of content in 2 hours using my 2 step formula. It’s £59 but there is a special offer for this one off live version and it’s just £29 grab your spot HERE. I hope to see you there. Social media is meant to be social not the cause of headaches so join me get your content done so you can enjoy the social side of social media.


Links & Resources

National Day Today | National Today

Social Media Content Calendar Creation Workshop

About the author 

Donna Eade

Donna Is the Founder of the SPWV. She has spent over 10 years in the wedding industry 9 of those as a wedding photographer and then as a wedding planner.

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