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Giveaways online to increase your leads 

We are moving towards engagement session and under normal circumstances you'd be booking wedding fairs for January February and March. However, it's unlikely to work that way this year so instead I want to look at how you can attract your brides and grooms using giveaways on your social channels. 

Part of creating a successful giveaway is having a consistent backlog of work and information for couples to look at on your social channels. So if you missed last week's episode I'd urge you to go and listen to it and grab the download so you can start to build that consistency now.

Also this week's top tip Tuesday was on attracting your desired clients so that will work well with this too you can check that out here

So, if you follow those two pieces of content you'll have a cohesive and established look to your social media by the time engagement season starts. 


Schedule your Giveaways

Step 1 ~ Choose the number and frequency (monthly, weekly) (1,2,3 or 4) maybe have mini giveaways weekly and a grand prize winner for the month

Step 2 ~ Decide on your prizes. Look at time only or low cost giveaways here are some examples

~ mini-photo session 1 digital image (photographer)

~ a 1 hour updo session (hair stylist)

~ free make up look  (MUA)

~ bottle of wine or prosecco

You could even collaborate with someone else to offer a prize, for example do you know a Personal Trainer you could offer a free PT session to get them started on their bride/groom wedding bod.


Get your process in place

So you need a way of collecting your leads. On Facebook your business page will have a button just under the cover photo that you can link where ever you like. Most will have it link to their website some to their email list. You want to change this to link to your giveaway landing page.

To link it to your landing  page you need to create a landing page you can do this easily in Mailchimp you can then set up a welcome email that lets everyone who enters know what to expect.

Rather than just having them sign up to your mailing list when they enter have them sign up to a 8-10 week email series let them know they'll have the option to join your regular email at the end of the 10 weeks. This way you can curate 10 emails now make it valuable make to worthwhile and make it interesting for them. This too can then be set up to go automatically on a weekly basis to the people entering your giveaways. 

Make sure to read through Facebook's competition rules to ensure you comply and don't forget to tell people that to enter they need to sign up to your 10 week email series on (what ever you choose to do it on)




Giveaway time

Now you need to figure out a different theme for each of the giveaways here's a few to get you started

~Share your engagement ring photo and sign up to the 10 email planning series

~Share you theme and sign up to get my 10 tip tips for hiring your vendors

~Share your engagement story and sign up to get the 10 must have photos posing guide (one pose over 10 weeks

~Tag your engaged friends and sign up to get 10 insider tips to make your day run like clockwork

Remember you can schedule these posts to happen all you have to do is pop on and engage and don't forget to remind them to sign up to your list if they haven't.

In your 10 emails make sure you are offering to connect with them about your service offer a free 30 min call.


After the Giveaway

Once your 10 emails have gone have a final auto email this email gives them three options; join my regular email list, Book a call with me, do nothing and i'll remove you from my email list. Obviously thank them for their participation and giving you space in their inbox for 10 weeks. that will be your 12 th email to them the welcome email followed by your 10 series followed by a what next email.

If you run four competitions then you'll have leads to follow up with over a four week period after the 11th week from competition number 1.

Regardless of what they choose send a personal final email a few days after the 'what next' email. To either thank them for joining your email list and offering an appointment, thank them for the appointment booking and telling them you're looking forward to it. Or saying you noticed they didn't respond and that you respect that and if they need anything you're happy to chat but you will now remove them from you databases so they won't receive any more email form you.


Extra Perks

Not only will this give you some leads to work with it will also increase activity on your page which will increase your visibility on Facebook. So, make sure you have some stella images and content to go up over the competition period. If you attend virtual wedding fairs you'll be able to send those couples to your FB page too to enter your giveaway.



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