030 Consistency through Adversity

Consistency Through Adversity

A short episode this week as I wanted to address just this one point of consistency during this messed up year.
Being consistent regardless of what is going on behind the scenes of your business is so important. It shows couples that they can rely on you and that's important to them. Whether you get help from the government or not and regardless of needing to source other work opportunities or not showing up for your business consistently through it will put you higher on the desire list for couples.


Don't drop off the face of the earth

Imagine you are a bride or groom looking for a vendor you come across one that has good reviews and you go onto their Facebook and they haven't posted anything since March about weddings or haven't posted anything since March at all! Would you think that vendor was still in business and even if they were would you think they were still passionate about weddings? I have to say I wouldn't.


Give Value and Show your Personality

Now let's say you look at another vendor and they were last active yesterday and you can scroll back in their feed and see wedding images, positive quotes for couples, sympathising messages of advice for couples. Behind the scenes peeks at other things they are doing while they wait to get back to weddings. Would you have more faith that vendor would be reliable?
I know I would.


consistency through adversity


Focus on Marketing & Systems

So despite lockdown 2 happening let's be consistent for our followers let's keep it upbeat and positive and focus on what we can do. Many vendors I know had already written off doing any more weddings this year with all their 2020 brides having moved to next year already so this set back shouldn't make much difference to them. What we need to focus on now is marketing and setting up our socials to receive new couples in the new year. It's also a great opportunity to work on your systems, to make sure you have as much automated as possible and running smoothly. The SPWV can help with systems and marketing below are some podcast episodes that might help and please consider joining the Society if you are a wedding vendor.


Episodes that might help you

Don't forget now is also a great opportunity to look back at episode 002 ~ Future-Proofing your Business episode, 005 ~ Social Media Consistency, 028 ~ Content is King and 029 Giveaways for Lead Generation.


Join the SPWV today

Also if you are not a member of the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors now is a great time to join we have just released our November Masterclass on Facebook ads delivered by Caz Wilson of Social Kitchen and our Optimise your Website  Masterclass from October is also there ready to go through delivered by Jude Wharton of Ready Steady Website, both experts in their fields who have created these classes with wedding vendors in mind. 

If you have found any of the podcast from the SPWV useful and would like to show your support but can't join the SPWV for any reason. You can now support the podcast with a small donation here >> buymeacoffee.com/donnaspwv

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