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Can make or break your business! What do you think of that as a statement? Have you had branding images done? Take a listen to today's episode and see if you feel the same once you've listened. Then check out this offer from Claire Gardner it's only valid until the end of November so check it out. Claire works from her Uxbridge based studio but covers the uk and abroad so do contact her about working with her. Contact detail at the bottom of the show notes.


Who is Claire Gardner

Claire ended her career in finance over 10 years ago when she escaped to follow her passion. She has spent the passed 10 years as a professional photographer and initially trained in weddings and portraits so knows our industry well. She pivoted her businesses to focus on her growing passion for branding photography. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs grab their audience by the eye balls as she puts it by telling their story through imagery. 

If you can't stop the scroll you never get to first base. Text doesn't stop a scroll it has to be visual something that grabs their attention and something that is aligned with your brand, who you are what you do who you help. 

Branding and getting your brand right is so important so check out this episode 016 with Lynne Stainthorpe about cultivating your brand personality and today we'll look at getting that personality into images and why it's important to do so.


What is branding photography?

When you have launched your business you need to have an idea on how you want that business to look in the eyes of the client. It's better to have this done before you launch but you can do it at any point. Getting crystal clear on how you want your business to be perceived at any time will do your business the world of good so it's never to late.

When someone is searching for a vendor on line they are looking for an answer to their questions like 'who is the fun quirky person whos going to understand my desire to have zebra print wedding invitations?' They will get their answer very quickly through your brand images because your brand images showcase what you do. Images bring your brand to life and the brain processes images much more quickly than it does text. So, images that showcase what you do and why you do it are going to connect you to your dream clients before they've read a word of your copy.


Your brand images should be used everywhere, your socials, your website, your banners, your print copy, biographies, in the press. They tell your story and with attract your people. They have a job to do consistency across the board with your images is so important.


Why is it important to have a branding photographer take your images rather than using canva or another stock imagery site?

When I work with a client one of the first questions I ask is how do you want to be seen? This can be met with a blank stare because people often don't think about they fact they are the business or they want to not be seen at all and start coming up with all the excuses, I'm not photogenic, I need to lose weight first, I don't want to show this, I don't like that. Claire has a swear jar in her studio for these responses.

A branding photographer will be able to guide you through your brand values your big why and interpret that into images. Getting a logo off fiverr isn't going to tell your story. Using stock images aren't going to tell your story or answer your clients questions about who YOU are.


Storyboards are integral to the process and working with a brand specialist will help you cultivate that story and help you build your own stock library. You need to work out what images you need and what they need to do for you. Stock images can't show your skills.

Using brand photography offers your clients the ability to put trust in you. If you don't use real images and a bride walk into your hair salon and what they saw on your website isn't what they walk into they will feel on edge and they won't know why. Subsciously their body will activate their fight or flight response because something doesn't match up with the images they have in their head. They might not be consciously aware of it but this can be enough for you to lose a sale.


Brand images


How do you create a consistent brand look when your images are coming from multiple photographers all with different styles of editing?

Look for brand elements in the images you're given if your logo has a triangle or circle motif is there a triangle or circle in the image that draws a connection to your brand. Don't re-edit their photos photographers don't like this you can however put the photo on top of one of your brand colours so your brand colour frames the image. You can go back to the photographer and ask them to rework the edits for you. That is likely to incur a cost but if you want pure consistency it can really make you stand out. You can overlay your fonts. There are ways to make it fit your brand.


How often should we be looking at getting a brand image session done?

Well, if you haven't had one then get one booked asap (Claire has a great offer below book now and take the session when gov guidelines allow) because we have moved so much online now that the competition is even greater and if you can tell your story and have beautiful cohesive images telling that story you will stand out in the crowd. 

Once every 6-12 months for general session at a minimum. But also plan it when you plan out your year if you have a new offer or new launch coming up work backwards when will you need promotional images for that when do you need to book a session in for that.

The other option is a subscription service if you have a regular need for 20-30 images then a subscription could work out the best value. If you are product based this can work well you can ship the goods to the photographer they can ship them back with completed photos. Or if its person images you can arrange a time and place to get those regular shots done.

Changing your profile image is a simple thing but by updating this one image it can spark curiosity and nudge people to check you out or give you a second chance with someone who perhaps didn't look before.


What's the best way to create impact with the images and what kind of images can we produce in a session?

This goes back to the question how do you want to be seen? It's so individual the images you get are the images that tell your story and your why. It's your heart and soul that goes into your business and that's what we are capturing in a branding session it is never just a photo. It's about communicating that heart and soul in the images.

Links & resources

Ep016 Brand Personality with Lynne Stainthorpe

Claire Gardner  - Quote Society Podcast when booking

Special offer – Book between now and November 30th 2020 (shoot must be carried out before 31 st March 2021) and qualify for the following – Packages A & B will receive and additional 10 images and Package C will receive a bespoke animated visual story for use on website and social media.

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