032 Attitude to change with Baiju Solanki

Attitude is Everything

I have been on a learning path this week and I can honestly say this is definitely something I'm being called to speak about. Along with this podcast recording I've been on several trainings and calls this week where attitude has been spoken about. 

'Think you can't your right, think you can your right'

'Have an attitude of gratitude'

'What you focus on grows'

'Negativity breeds negativity'

All of these I have heard this week with many more besides. That is why I am delighted that Baiju Solanki, performance psychologist, entrepreneur and trainer joined me on the podcast this week to go through a series of posts he put on LinkedIn that caught my eye.


Leaning in or Leaning away?

Baiju can you explain what you mean by needing to decided to lean in or lean away?

Often times we look at leaning in as going for it all in on whatever it is and leaning away as running away form the problem but now in these times we have to look at it differently.

Leaning in to your business is about adjusting what you normally do and finding what works now. If you have a negative attitude towards it then you won't get a positive outcome. But sometimes life happens especially right now it's hard to stay positive and have a good attitude all the time so if you're feeling like this that's the time to lean away to self-care. It's not about running away it's about leaning in to yourself and what you need at the moment.


NATO ~ Not attached to the Outcome

In the wedding industry we get very attached to our clients and their days we want it to be perfect for them how does NATO apply?

We are in business because we want to earn money we want to do what we love and get rewarded for it. We want to earn money and we want nice things. When you are attached to the very thing that you want that has a hold on you and that can impact productivity. I use the example of sports people.

Imagine an olympian, they train hard for four years ,eating the right things, doing the right exercise all for this one event the outcome of which is they win. All they can do is influence the result they can't guarantee it. Now imagine they don't come first. If they were attached to the outcome they will have such a negative attitude and wouldn't be in a good place coming out of the games. When they are not attached to the outcome they can come away with thinking it's not my day. They know they did all the work they could, they put themselves in the right place to succeed but if one person has the edge and wins that doesn't take away from the hard work they put in. 

From a provider / client point of view, if you serve your potential client, give them the proposal, you talk through the features and benefits, you deal with their objections do everything right. Whether they say yes or no don't attach yourself to it. If they say no it doesn't mean I must be rubbish I need to rethink everything, just assess yourself same if they say yes assess yourself. But don't attach yourself to the outcome. It's about not attaching emotional energy to the outcome it doesn't mean you shouldn't learn from what you do.

Donna: I took form this we need to come from a place of service. If you serve well without focusing on the sale you put yourself in a better position than someone who is sell, sell, sell. Especially right now if you can show up give advice share ideas then when couples are ready to buy they will remember you and your help. They might also remember the negative nelly they showed up and ranted regularly but who do you think they'll buy from. Don't have desperation behind your giving, give to serve not to sell.


Do not bank on anyone going ahead in your time.

Mac Laubscher


People are looking for certainty there is so much uncertainty they want something they can count on. Be the one they can count on. Give them certainties, when your wedding goes ahead your images will be great because I will x,y,z, when you wedding goes ahead you cake will be fantastic. Sell them Certainty.


Attitude to change


Things we can control


Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and the truth is you can't save it up you can't take 4-5 pm and put it in your pocket for later but you can plan your time and use it wisely that is in your control. One word I won't tolerate is 'busy' being busy is a mugs game. If you're too busy your not productive and or your not efficient. So look at what you have to offer right now, 1 hour what can i do to serve, 1 hour how can i improve my systems, another hour let me call some vendors see how they are doing. Make time work for you.


Not talking about jumping up and down but of balance. If you don't feel balanced and you try to be productive it won't work so lean away at that point to self care and find that balance. Read, take a walk then come back to it. IF you choose to work when the kids are in bed make sure that time is productive. Don't beat yourself up about it.


Do you choose to be a victim or do you choose to be a victor. Victim mindset, it's not fair, why are you doing this to us, you don't understand my situation. Or i'm in a privileged position because I can take time now for my life and family but my clients are going to be gagging to book with me as soon as we get the go. Take this time to collaborate create and build.


You can control your thoughts perhaps not if there is a mental health issue but in general terms you can control your thoughts. If your thoughts are running away from you recognise that lean away to self care talk to someone.


Take time out when you need to. Don't feel guilty if you are feeling negative then take the time self-care and get your head back. You control how you respond to how you are feeling. It's easy to have a good attitude when things are going well. But how do you show up when things aren't going so well?

Uncertainty can breed anger so don't feel guilty for feeling that it's recognising it and doing something about it you want to focus on.


Shout out to the vendors who have kept things positive, kept a pep in their step. Who have shown up and been creative over the entirety of this crazy year. You have been a pleasure to watch and connect with on social and have been beacons of light in this darkness.


Baiju Solanki

Baiju's Linkedin 1st post of 5 on the attitude of change https://bit.ly/AttitudetoChangePOST
How strong is your game? Take the quiz to find out and get a free copy of Baiju's book  Change Your Game http://changeyourgamescorecard.com/

Self-care mini-series start HERE

Baiju is the CEO and founder of EnSpirit Global: a platform that serves to inspire, educate and connect the entrepreneurial spirit in all of those who wish to live their best life. In addition an award-winning businessman and TEDx speaker. 

A trained psychologist, lecturer, speaker and author, he empowers people to achieve their power. Using his skills as a trainer, teacher and coach he aims to transform the world through teaching entrepreneurial skills to business people, students and employees through the EnSpirit platform. 

As a former Businessman of The Year, and property investor, his experience extends beyond the realm of enterprise.

Baiju is also an author of #1 Amazon Best Seller Change Your Game: How to To Achieve Your Potential as an Entrepreneur and Create the Life You Desire  and I’m An Entrepreneur - Get Me Out of Here’, a selection of interviews with entrepreneurs who talk about the keys to success. 

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