034 It’s Automatic, it’s Hydromatic, it could be Grease Lighting

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Before we get in to Automation

Firstly, two corrections to to clear up from the Automation podcast 

  1. I said Debbie setup Mums Unltd and the Shining star awards 3 years ago. Mums has been going a lot longer. It was the Awards that she introduced 3 years ago.
  2. I said the podcasts take me so long it would be quicker for me to write a podcast. I obviously meant blog posts. I've got podcasts on the brain. Any way with that cleared up the show notes are below but do take a listen to the episode above.

If you don’t follow me on social media then you probably haven’t seen my news. All my socials will be at the bottom of these show notes. I’m most active on Instagram and Facebook. 



This week I was awarded the MUMS UNLTD Silver Shining Star Award 

The key criteria for being selected as a finalist included clearly demonstrating their business knowledge, experience, creativity, commitment to customer care and strong evidence of business achievements. Share the award, members and the industry. 

Mums Unltd is a Hertford based networking group that has expanded to include groups in Whitstable right up to Northamptonshire where I’m based. Set up originally to help mums in business network at a time more suitable for childcare and school runs, it has grown over the years to include, mums of grown-up flown the nest kids as well as a few men.

Debbie Gilbert, Founder of Mums Unltd created the Shining Awards 3 years ago to celebrate the achievements of mums in business. Her support and desire to see you succeed is evident in everything she does from her forthright no-nonsense business advice to a listening ear with tea and sympathy she is a great judge of knowing when you need which and has been a backbone to us all this year so thank you, Debbie, this year would have been harder for all of us without you and the fantastic group of women and men you have bought together.


My Win is a win for your too

So in light of my Silver win, which I am super proud of, I wanted to celebrate and also I wanted to celebrate you as a wedding vendor who has made it through, whether you have found it manageable or struggled through 2020 you my friend made it and you deserve a reward for that and your business deserves a gift. So my gift to you is a very special offer that I alluded to last week. 

Until the 23rd of December you can get 60 days of membership to the society of professional wedding vendors for just £10 membership is £17 per month and it will be going up at next year. However, if you join by the 23rd of Dec you get 60 days for just £10, you lock in membership at £17 a month thereafter and you’ll never pay a penny more for as long as you stay a member. You will also get instant access to our membership area where we currently have 5 masterclasses from optimizing your website to how to get awesome testimonials and a fantastic one on FB ads so join today by heading to https://bit.ly/DECoffer


Now let's get into automation.

Whenever we have a break in our usually business flow taking a look at your automation is a great use of your time if you can get systems in place to work for you while your busy doing your actual business then it will just make you super-efficient

In my mind batching and automation go hand in hand so i’m going to talk about both today. I’m not perfect at this, I know what I need to do but sometimes finding the time to do it can be difficult so I’ll go through my plan for getting this working for me rather than making me feel like a failure.

So when we are thinking of putting automation into our business you want to look at what takes you the most time? 

For me my podcast takes a lot of time for you this might be your blog and so does my social media you might find your emails take you a lot of time to and what happens is when things take so much time we are quick to push those things to the side miss days or weeks and lose consistency with it.

So what you want to look at doing is making as much of each of these jobs as automatic as possible.

My strategy for getting on top of this involves my calendar blocking which I’ve spoken about before in ep019 if you want to go into that in more detail. I’m taking 2 weeks off over Christmas too, this year has been crazy and I think we all deserve the break to be honest. I’m not going to completely stop working though. What I’ll be doing is getting ahead with my batching and getting my systems set up so 2021 will start on the right foot.


Social media Automation for example:

I have a whole system in place for my social, check out ep20 for my top tips from social media content but in brief I have an excel calendar I use and each day of the week has a theme and I take 1 day a month to populate each day with content for that theme. I then get my images ready. I do as much as I can on that day to have it all ready to go. 

I use Later and Canva to schedule my social and I schedule a week at a time. I tend to do this weekly in case something more time sensitive comes up and I need to swap something out. This week is a good example of that I wasn’t sure what award I would win so I couldn’t preschedule that and I wasn’t sure when my offer would be ready so I couldn’t schedule that but I had content for the whole week already planned and because I’ve replace some of this weeks content it means I can move the content I didn’t use to another day. Bonus!

Using this system means you don’t need to even log into your socials and I don’t know about you but I find social just sucks me in and I can lose so much time in there. So getting ahead batching a month at a time and taking an hour or two once a week to schedule to all your platforms and then you’re done is a weight off. 

Obviously getting in and engaging is important too but you need to put that on your calendar, set a timer, go in, engage and get out. Something on my 2021 resolution list to do. 


Podcast/ Blog Automation

For your podcast/blog you can batch the stages and to get ahead with this I’d get one or two done and all set up ready to go (another thing I’ll be doing in the holidays) then write out your stages and put them in calendar blocks. Be realistic with your timings, don’t give yourself 2 hours to write 4 blogs if that’s not realistic for you.

So stages might be for me and the podcast

  1. Write the outlines for 6 pods
  2. Record 6 pods
  3. Edit 6 pods (usually in 2 blocks especially if there are interviews editing is very time consuming)
  4. Upload pods to host and schedule
  5. Convert outlines to show notes and load them onto website and embed pod player
  6. Write emails for each pod and schedule
  7. Create any guides checklists freebie of the pods 
  8. Create social media posts of each pod

It takes a lot of time but I can then schedule in these tasks to get it all done and scheduled so if I book a week every 6 weeks to do this I have 5 weeks where I don’t even have to think about my podcast at all because it’s all going to happen without me and as you can see if I was going to do all that each week it basically take me a whole day each week just to produce my weekly content and that isn’t viable. You could also break it up into weekly blocks once you have 6 in the bag. 

  1. Week 1 ~ Stage 1 & 2
  2. Week 2 ~ Stage 3 & 4
  3. Week 3 ~ Stage 5
  4. Week 4 ~ Stage 6
  5. Week 5 ~ Stage 7

Stage 8 could be absorbed into your social media batching  

Doing it this way you do a bit each week and you get the 6th week off before your next batch starts rolling out and you start the process again.

Batching is great but you can batch in many ways

I hope that has helped you think about what takes up all your time and how you can get more efficient. Don’t forget to head over to https://bit.ly/DECoffer and come and join us inside the SPWV. The Society is there to help increase your credibility with clients by providing you with a code of conduct that shows you hold yourself to a higher standard. We have some great members benefits inside too, so I hope you take advantage of my Christmas gift to you.


Links & Resources

December Membership offer https://bit.ly/DECoffer 

Mums Unltd Great networking online and open to all come along and see

Calendar blocking EP019

Content is King Social media tips EP020

If you are enjoying the show then please consider buying me a tea. Tea accuatally translates to helping me make improvements to the show and the equipment I use as well as building the SPWV.

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