December 11

035 Inside the industry focusing inward

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Focusing Inward

In a year that has devasted the world put all thoughts of brexit to bed and left our beloved indursty at a stand still I wondered what have you guys been upto in this year of COVID-19. So I invited Alan Marshall of AM Celebrations award winning DJ and Master of ceremonies on to the show so share his year. The over all theme of which was a focusing inward.

This episode is unlike others i have done it was much more conversational and personal, therefore it's difficult for me to do show note in the usual way so you will have to listen to this one my firends. 

Got some ironing to do? doing the weekly shop? kids driving you mad? Stick in your head phones and take a listen to this great episode, let us know be below what your biggest take away from 2020 is. 


Introducing Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall is an award-winning wedding DJ and master of ceremonies, based in Andover, Hampshire, covering the south east of England and beyond. His refreshing approach and passion for ensuring that his couples have wedding days to remember, filled with emotion and plenty of dancing, has seen him being awarded many accolades over his thirty year career, including Regional Wedding DJ of the Year 2020, announced in November 2019. 

He has been recognised by The Wedding Industry Awards for the last three years, scooping Highly Commended  in 2018 and also for 2020 (awarded on 15th January 2020), as well as the coveted national Wedding DJ of the Year 2019 award.


After a year that has seen Dj's in our industry unable to work in the job they love we talk to SPWV member and award-winning DJ, Alan Marshall about how 2020 has affected him, why he has seen this year as a blessing and why he values self-development, the wedding and DJ communities and the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors.

Find out what he feels couples are looking for moving forward and how he feels our industry has done a sterling job for our couples this year.

Hear how Alan almost got stuck in Las Vagas and what we both think of Edwina Curries Tweets to our industry.


Links & Resources

Profit First Mike Michalowicz

I will teach you to be rich Ramit Sethi

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