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Happy New Year

Welcome back to the podcast everyone body, and welcome to a brand new year. I’m your host Donna Eade founder of the society of professional wedding vendors and Today we are going to talk about some new year changes goal setting for 2021. If you aren’t already then subscribe where you listen and please leave a review it really helps the podcast get in front of more of the right people like you and I will be muchly grateful

New Name

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021. Things look a little different around here we have had a name change The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors is my business and my passion but the name was too long for the podcast. So although the Society is still behind the podcast we have renamed it so welcome to the Wedding Pro Cast this podcast is aimed at helping all wedding professionals with tips and hints on business & sharing interviews with business experts and industry professionals. I do hope you subscribe and listen in every Thursday.

The Roadmap

I hope you had a great Christmas I know it wouldn’t have been what you’d have wanted but I hope you found some joy and merriment during the festive period. Everyone in our industry suffered loss in 2020, whether personal or business Covid-19 took a lot from us and the government really hasn’t helped and isn’t helping. I’ve seen a lot of people on social asking for a roadmap from the gov. But I feel that we are asking the impossible. No one in the gov. has ever lived through a pandemic like this before, in fact, no one alive has so how can't they accurately predict where we will be in April. If they say here's a map and then things don’t go to plan it will be their fault and without an roadmap it’s their fault. Damned if they do damned if they don’t.

I understand in situations like this you want direction you want someone to blame and someone to take responsibility. But with this situation, it just isn’t that simple. I don’t think the government can make claims on where we will be in April. My request is that they put some financial support in place for wedding vendors. You want to serve your couples and after 9 months of postponing and moving weddings I believe you are well equipped to help brides when needed to more their days but you need income to maintain a basic living so you can still be around when their new date comes round.  

Couples need reassurance that you’ve got them. That if their day can’t happen in the way they have planned that you can work quickly with them to make the adjustments needed. 

My hope is the vaccine will be taken up by a majority of people and it will start making an impact and that we will get our industry back sooner rather than later. I know there are strong feelings out there about what the government should and shouldn’t be doing for our industry and I for 1 definitely don’t think they have done enough for the wedding industry.   

Following the latest Announcement 

This episode was recorded before the announcement on Monday. I am devastated that this has happened not because I don't think it's needed but because of the knock-on effect, it has on the wedding industry and more importantly the people in the industry.

We have all had moments over the last 9 months that have put us to our edge and this did it for me. I've not been able to put a positive spin on it and I'm totally fed up. But this comes from being someone who has done the most they can over the last 9 months.

I've not sat down with my dad in over a year now, so another lockdown means longer without seeing him. I have worked from home, as has my partner. I can count on my hands the number of times I've been in any shop since March, my partner has taken on that role as I suffer with anxiety in crowds and covid on top wasn't going to help. We have exercised outside within the guidelines and when we were able to meet people we saw one couple we socially distance and we left 2 weeks between seeing anyone else. Has it been easy NO have we missed people YES. But we did it because we took the virus seriously. 

What has got my goat, is how many people, I know, who have not done the most they can but have pushed the limits or even broken the rules. This is not aimed at those who are exempt, or those in social bubbles they are working within the rules.  But those who just said 'I'm going to live my life and just 'be careful'' and part of that was, even though we couldn't have a sit down wedding breakfast, they could go site with 5 other households in a restaurant and eat dinner, have photos taken with those people hugging and laughing and definitely not social distancing. 

I'm jealous of those people who had a better 2020 than i did and saw friends etc but angry that they did that against the advice and their own common sense.

I pray that everyone will do as they are told and that they will do as much as possible to reduce going out so we can put a dent the vaccines and a dent in the spread.

2021 New Goals 

2020 wasn’t what anyone planned and I can almost guarantee if you’re listening to this then you didn’t meet all your 2020 goals. This week I want to talk about how we use our goals and how we set them.

Goals to me are not the destination but the motivation let me explain.

Making goals the destination means if you don’t succeed in reaching your goals you fail now no one likes to fail. But if you have your goals as your motivation it changes everything. Setting a goal like a revenue target and using it as a motivation means when you get off track you look for alternative ways to reach that goal. If at the end of the year you have moved forward in your business you have succeeded that goal gave you the motivation to keep going to keep trying and to find another way it kept you motivated to find a way and it leads to success. You might be lucky and reach the goal which is a bonus but if things don’t go to plan but you keep the goal in mind and you end up taking steps forward then it did its job as a goal. 

New Milestone Meeting

Milestone Meetings

I like to set my goals then set milestones to keep me on track. So i break the big goal down to quarterly monthly weekly milestones which means I focus on something smaller and more manageable and if I miss hitting the milestone I have the time to adjust what I’m doing to make up for it with the next milestone. This can be so much more successful than setting one big goal, because it encourages you to regularly review your milestones to ensure you are one track. 

Have a date with yourself weekly and monthly where you look at your milestones and measure your stats so you can see where you are. I learnt about the CEO date from Rachel Cook and every Monday I have that date I look at my number, social, financial email list etc to ensure I’m moving forward. This year I’m introducing the monthly milestone meeting so I can evaluate the milestones and where I am with them. You need to review and this needs to be a non-negotiagble in your business. So set your diary up as if you have a PA telling you what your schedule is my google calendar is my PA if it’s not in the diary it doesn’t happen, if it’s in the diary it’s an appointment I have to keep. Appointments with yourself are the most important ones to keep. After all if you don’t do these reviews how can you know whether you are heading in the right direction?

So go ahead get a sheet of paper set your 2021 goals, and milestones and download my CEO Milestone meeting guide

Closing Remarks:

Thank you so much for joining me for this first podcast of 2021. I hope if this is your first time that you will hit subscribe and listen in every Thursday don’t forget Download my CEO milestone meeting guide and adapt it to your milestones and goals and I’ll be back next week with a special guest the maestro himself Lincoln Noel. I promise more uplifting positivity going forward we all need to take our moments and this was definitely mine.

About the author 

Donna Eade

Donna Is the Founder of the SPWV. She has spent over 10 years in the wedding industry 9 of those as a wedding photographer and then as a wedding planner.

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