January 28

040 Making Money in 2021

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3 ways to increase your income

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Have a clear-out and get making money

Physical clutter can really build up mental clutter so clearing out your home will have a positive effect on your mind and your wallet.

Here are the company links I mentioned on the show

  • Thrift.plus 3 way split you them and charity on branded clothes and accessories
  • Ebay sell pretty much anything
  • Vinted.co.uk sell any of your clothes.
  • Ziffit Books, DVDs, CDs, with Ziffit they arrange collection

It is a time investment to load everything or scan it and parcel it up to send but it is two jobs in one. Decluttered home more money in the bank win-win.

Use cashback sites and cards

Points cards

I use the Tesco Clubcard and credit card and although not as good as it used to be it is still an easy win. With points on your food shop and points on your Tesco petrol/diesel these points add up and you can use them at face value in Tesco so 100 points £1 off your shopping or what I do which is look at who they are partnering with and double and sometimes triple the value of my points. This is great for days out or birthday gifts that we often don’t budget for.

We also use the Tesco Credit Card which gives you points on any purchase you make regardless of the shop so this can really boost your points especially if you have a big purchase to make. It is often advised that if you are making an online purchase of £100 or more you should use a credit card as it is safer and more protected (I am making no claims to that) so if you’re going to use one then the Tesco one will give you Clubcard points.

Cashback Sites

Using cashback sites is a habit you need to form, it is so easy to forget to check but this can be so much quicker than the Tesco points and can pay dividends on large purchases. It is always useful before you look at cashback to you for cash off. So do a google search for the company name and coupons or vouchers or discount codes and see what comes up you can get lucky. If you get no luck with money off then cashback can really help save some money on big purchases. In our house we favour Quidco but Top Cash Back is also an option.

Here is a recent example of how you can use these two methods to get the biggest bang for your buck:

A recent purchase of the iPhone 11 priced £652
By using the Tesco credit card we received 81 pts if we use them doubled or tripled that will be £1.62 or £2.43 it’s not a lot but as we’d have bought it on a credit card to protect the purchase it’s a bonus and of course, we will use it along with our other points.

By going through a cashback site we are due £51.92 back on the purchase.

So in effect, the phone cost £597.65 and it took 2 mins to do.

It is really worth doing the cashback sites on big purchases but even on smaller purchases every little helps so make it a habit to check the sites before you buy. Why not make money on the purchases you're already planning on making.

Join a multi-level marketing co.

I joined Scentsy in Oct 2019, I was what they call a kitnapper, the kit was a great price and worth so much more than I paid for it and I wanted another warmer anyway so I thought why not. It was never my intention to make money or do anything with the business. However, Covid hit, I was made redundant the business I had dreamed of setting up for 5 years (The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors) was almost halted entirely by the pandemic and I needed a way to make some money to top up my redundancy and make it go further while building the Society. That is when I looked at my Scentsy business more seriously.

With high streets closed and people at home for more time than usually, Scentsy has been a welcome addition to many homes. I was very glad I was able to utilise my opportunity to bring in some extra income.

What I also found was a community of like-minded individuals who I adore because of the positive culture we have created together, so if you find the right team you’ll get much more than just an income stream from it.

There are MANY multi-level marketing companies out there not all are created equal and not all consultants/Representatives are created equal either. You may have been put off from such companies by pushy reps in the past but they aren’t the company and not every rep is like that though unfortunately, I do believe they exist in all companies.


Therefore I’m going to link some reps of different multi-level marketing companies who I know personally and trust not to ambush you or SELL you. These are people I trust to give you the facts and their story and let you decide for yourself. So if this way of making money interests you reach out ask about it, let them know you heard about them here, I've let them all know I've mentioned them this week so they will look after you.

Me ~ Scentsy Home Fragrance < Take a read and feel free to contact through the site through my business page on FB 

Lisa Davis ~ BodyShop at Home < Connect with Lisa through her Facebook group to ask more about BSAH

Emily Rainford ~ Tropic < Click to go to Emily's group and connect with her thereto find out more about Tropic.            

Angella Palmer ~ Arbonne < Angella has an extraordinary living Group on Facebook so connect with her there to find out about Arbonne wellness products

Linda Wilkinson ~ Utility Warehouse: Phone no: 07966371250 Email: linda.wilkinson@uw.partners < UW is a great way to find out if you can save money on your household bills they are a multi award winning company and Linda is an absolute pleasure to talk to. So reach out and connect and see if she can save you money but also ask about the UW opportunity.


Grab your 5 Ways to increase your income brainstorm guide here

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