February 4

041 Coping With Lockdown With Bridal Hairstylist Lynnette Chasmer

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Introducing Bridal Hairstylist Lynnette Chasmer

Lynnette is such a ray of sunshine in what has been a truly awful 11 months for us all. I discovered Lynnette on Instagram and from the first LIVE, I caught I was hooked. Her personality was just so apparent and the ability to smile through has been a pleasure to have on my feed. So if you don't follow Lynnette then head over to her Instagram and follow her, link below.

Award Winning Bridal Hairstylist

As an award winning bridal hairstylist, she knows how difficult it has been for the wedding industry because she has walked in those shoes too. The reason I asked Lynnette to come on the show was to share with us what she does how she coped through the 2020 lockdowns and what she's focusing on for the future.

The Power of Live Video

Listen in to find out how Live Video really changed Lynnette's 2020 even after her disastrous first attempt and how she is looking to expand her revenue streams in 2021. Not only does Lynnette serve brides but she also teaches bridal hairstyling. She can teach beginners through to advanced stylist and in a world where everything moved online in 2020 hear how and why Lynnette is keeping it real!

Connect with Lynnette

This was such a great episode full of laughter I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.

Lynnette Chasmer: Having been a hairdresser since leaving school she branched out into the wonderful world of weddings 9 years ago, she now has a very successful bridal hairstylist business working in both the UK and the Greek Island of Crete, recently winning The East of England Wedding Hairstylist of the year.

@lynnettechasmerhairstylist - Instagram
Lynnette Chasmer Bridal Hairstylist - Facebook
The Secret by  Rhonda Byrne 

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