042 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Special

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Valentine's Engagements

Valentine's day is one of the biggest days of the year for the Wedding Industry. Nearly 40% of all engagements happen between November and February starting with Thanksgiving in the USA and ending with Valentine's day. So wedding off-season is engagement marketing season and if you are going to stand out from the crowd you need to be different in some way.

Email Marketing

In today's episode, I'm going to walk you through a way of automating your communication once so that you don't have to keep repeating yourself or keep writing new content every week.

You can do this in 2 ways you can block some time on your calendar and bash out 52 emails and get them set up or you can write one email a week of the next 52 weeks. Either way, the idea is you would have a sequence of emails that would automatically send to your potential clients from when they first sign up to your email. and that this sequence would help you book calls with those leads which you can turn into bookings.

Valentine email marketing

Don't forget your CALL TO ACTION

So take a listen as I walk you through what to look at, adding a call to action and segmenting your list as you go. If you feel like you're behind in your marketing don't worry you can implement this, this weekend.

For your email marketing requirements take a look at:
Mailchimp>referral link if you decide to join Mailchimp and choose a paid plan I may get referral credit to my account.
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PS. This Tuesday just gone was meant to be hair chop day, unfortunately, the lockdown has meant that it will be pushed back but until the big chop happens i'm still able to raise money for the charities listed below so if you can donate that would be awesome, £1 can make all the difference.
Donna's Hair Chop Fundraiser for The Little Princess Trust, Cancer Research UK and Macmillian Cancer

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  1. Hi Donna

    Great cast

    So, we provide wedding day music (Steel Band)

    1 – Is there another CRM system you would recommend?
    2 – As people dont like long written emails, would a video email work best?
    3 – What is proving to be the best method for getting in the view of prospective couples?undefinedundefined
    4 – Are there any great templates for emails?

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for listening,
      1. CRM systems are on my list of things to look into having a good CRM and email service provider that can work together is optimal so I’ll definitely do some research and look at doing another podcast on CRM systems.
      2. Video can work well but I’d be reluctant to have an email just have a video embedded, it’s another step they have to take to take in your content, so I would always have the gist of what you want to say readable in the email then give them a reason to want to open the video. People can feel duped if they open an email and instantly get told to do something else for the information they opened the email for, which could result in a drop in open rates. So for variety giving a video is a great idea but I would solely rely on video. Marie Forleo is a great example of this her Marie TV goes out in an email but there is always value in the body of the email then a call to action to watch the full interview/episode.
      3. One thing to jump on is engaging with people, get into bride groups and offer value recommend other vendors when asked and get in on the conversations. Before you do that though one huge thing to get right is your branding. If your branding is consistent on all platforms is makes people notice when they have seen you more than once, the more they see you the more you’ll stick in mind.
      4. I’m not sure if you mean layout or copy there but for layout Mailchimp has lots of design options for a regular email go simple but include your logo and then if you run a special or promotion you can jazz up the design but ensure it’s still on brand and recognisable as you. For copy, I always think it’s better when emails are written in your voice but I am looking at putting together a list of email prompts that can get you started let me know if that would be of interest.
      Hope that helps and thanks so much for your comment

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