043 Clubhouse What’s all the Hype?

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Clubhouse are you suffering FOMO?

Clubhouse it’s an exclusive app and everyone is talking about it but what is all the hype about. I’m going to talk you through my experience on today’s episode so listen in above or click your favourite podcast app or read on.


Clubhouse Basics

Currently the app is:

  • Invite only
  • Apple only
  • IOS13 + only

It launched last year in the US but has only really got loud in the UK in the last few months. It is like being in a zoom meeting without video. The app is split into,

  • The hallway
  • Clubs
  • Rooms
  • And profiles

When you enter a room you enter the audience and will have no ability to speak. You can listen in for as long as the room is open, if you want to leave just click the 'leave quietly' button to go back to your hallway. If you want to join the conversation you can click to 'raise your hand' and the moderators can then invite you to 'the stage' at the time of this podcast you enter the stage area with you mic on. Etiquette dictates you should immediately mute yourself and wait for the moderators to ask you for your input currently there is a tech issue that means your sound goes out momentarily while you transfer from the audience to the stage.

There are a lot of beginner rooms run Clubhouse Jeff is a good guy to go find he runs a beginner room and on Sunday at 4 pm GMT Mac Laubscher has been running a room for beginners so they are great places to start.


The Pros & Cons of Clubhouse

Cons of Clubhouse

So I wanted to go over a few of the negatives and what you can do.

It can be a time suck you can have rooms playing in the background like a talk radio show and if you can work and listen then it would probably not be such an issue for you but I find I can’t listen to the radio and work at the same time my mind is split and I end up either pausing the work because I’m intently listening or I end up catching the tail end of something and being gutted I missed the first.

There are a LOT of people on there claiming to be experts in this, that and the other and as I picked up in a room the other day it’s hard to tell who is who, some have no social media presents, because they are real-world business people not online businesspeople. So you might think they are an expert because you see they are all over the internet but that doesn't necessarily mean they are as big as they show themselves to be. Equally if they have no social media presence that doesn't mean they aren't experts in their field so just be careful on whose advice you take to heart do your due diligence and verify people as best you can and use your own common sense and intuition.

You'll hear things you don’t like. This is people talking with no filter, it’s not social where people curate and sometimes things will come out harshly or people will be negative about others just things you wouldn’t want to hear. Leave those rooms don’t let it in don’t get involved in conversations that don’t align with you it’s not where you need to focus. Leave the room

It can be glitchy so don’t mod on your own it’s still in it’s early days and as it grows there are teething issues patience is a virtue


Pros to Clubhouse

Reaching people you’d never reach in real life, including the influencers, mentors the people who inspire you. The bigger it gets the harder it will be to connect with them for sure but right now at the start you can be in rooms with these people and get to talk to them directly. 

Find rooms on niche interests, meditation, morning routines, business, coaching, hobbies and you can start your own room if you don’t see a room you want to be in and you can connect with likeminded people. 

Get advice from people who are further ahead than you are. Just remember to verify don't take everything at face value not everyone has everyone's best interests at heart.

Make Real connections quickly. Taking the convo off clubhouse you can make real connections with people and build your business connections and also find clients.

Start your own rooms book them in weekly and build a following 

Bonus Tip just for you readers

You clubhouse profile is important, the first three lines are visible to everyone when they click on your face when you are in a room. Make this your highlight reel make it interesting so they want to click view full profile.

Use emojis they are searchable on Clubhouse use them and make them relevant put a space between emojis and words so those with visual needs can read your profile easily and break your profile up don't do one long stream of text this makes it very difficult for for those with differing visual abilities.

Make sure you connect your instagram account this is how most people want to connect with you there is no DM system on clubhouse so ista DMs is where everyone connects. Links aren't clickable so having your insta connected is important.


If you're on clubhouse then I recommend following those in the image above there handles are listed below but they link to thier insta accounts so look up the @'s on Clubhouse and click the links to follow them on Insta.

Lesley Thomas Money Mindset @lesleyathomas

Uri Mofsowitz helping businesses look good so they can grow @uri.mofsowitz

Leora Mofsowitz Functional medicine health coach @leoramofsowitz

Baiju Solanki Performance Psychologist helping you with mindset, strategy and ACTION @baijusolanki

ME @donnaspwv

Elizabeth Solaru Luxury Brand Consultant @luxebizemporium

Delorais a mindsex mentor @delorag

Ashley Shipman Co-founder of the Clearmount Group and Clubhouse aficionado @ashleyshipman

Mayah Riaz Celebrity manager @mayahriaz

PS. I'm still raising money for the charities listed below so if you can donate that would be awesome, £1 can make all the difference.
Donna's Hair Chop Fundraiser for The Little Princess Trust, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer

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