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BoJo's Announcement

Today I'm responding to Bojo’s announcement on Monday. We have a roadmap are we any better off let's chat.


The Positives from the Announcement

Starting off let’s look at the positives we have a map and a structure to work with.

  •  This looks like a sound plan it’s cautious and padding is built-in for change. 
  • The staged approach to re-opening with the ability to pause a stage while the vaccines are being rolled out seems like a good solid plan.
  • The stopping of homeschooling.
  • The return of the rule of 6 coming down. 


How weddings fit in

But now let’s look at where weddings fit into this roadmap. A roadmap I feel the wedding industry has been the loudest in asking for it.

I want an explanation to HOW the gov came to their decisions because allowing a venue to go to 50% capacity or 4000 whichever is fewer for an event but only allowing weddings of 30 doesn’t make sense to me.

Here‘s why. Let’s say a venue has a 300 capacity and does weddings this venue can run an event with 150 in attendance. People tend to go to events with their partner and/or their friends you could have more than 75 households at this event. However, you couldn’t have a wedding for 150 where you would have less than 75 households because people go to weddings as a family. 

So again I ask WHY are weddings excluded from event numbers in this announcement? Weddings are events.


BoJo Announcement


On the topic of being events, this to me is the more important point. Weddings are LIFE events they are moments that are special to us and are emotional. They are like the birth of a baby, getting engaged, moving to a new home, these are milestone moments in our lives and are important for the whole family. 

A concert is not a life event! Years of planning for the person attending doesn’t happen, they buy their tickets and it's done. A month before they might look to see what they will wear but a wedding has 2 whole families invested for years and also has their closet friends involved. These restirctions don’t just disappoint vendors and couples, it upsets WHOLE FAMILIES. It is in my mind totally unfair to have a separation between weddings and other events and I would like to have it explained to me because I feel I must be missing something.  


Closing out and an announcement from me

So that my lovelies my feelings, in brief. I’ve not yet sat and read the whole document perhaps there is more explanation inside it. Though given the feelings of others in the industry I fear there isn’t. 

But with all this being said, we have to look at what we can control. We can’t change what Bojo has said but we can change our attitude to it. I had my pity party at the disparity, it has affected both my brides who have had to move their dates due to number restrictions. What I can control is how I support them going forward, what I put out into the world for you guys and what I focus on.

I urge you to look at what you can do within the guidelines that are set and let’s move forward. I believe that fighting for financial help is now where we need to focus because as we know 30 person wedding does not provide our bread and butter. Small weddings may be part of our portfolio but they where never the entire portfolio so financial help until restrictions are lifted are a must.

Let's focus on what we can control and be cautiously optimistic that AUGUST is going to be an amazing month for weddings.

The Society will be opening its doors in April so if you’d like to find out more and be the first to know then scroll to the very bottom of the page and join the podcast tribe and you'll be the first to know.

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  1. Its been rather heartbreaking seeing the number of venues and fellow full time suppliers that have fallen along the way-side over the last year.

    BUT … "Cautious Optimism" for the future

    Couples seem to have a renewed positive air of optimism… almost seems like the dam has burst with the flood of enquiries and positive chatter throughout social media… early indication is, Its going to be busy, busy, busy!

    #CautiousOptimism #WeAreStillHere

    1. It’s definitely a shame those that couldn’t make it, especially when some of them could’ve if they had received the help they deserved. But I’m glad you are cautiously optimistic too, and that you’re feeling that from around you as well


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