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#bridesareback are you ready?

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After a year of no weddings, or highly restricted weddings there is light at the end of the tunnel. And although there are still issues and restrictions that will affect a majority of 2021 weddings we need to now focus on what we do best.

Work the present while planning the future. 

2022-23 Brides are here and they want to book their suppliers, that's you, so it's time to switch on the marketing engines, show up in a positive way and let brides know that the wedding industry is here too we never went away.


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Who are Just About Weddings & #bridesareback?

This week on the show I welcomed Nick Harris of Just About Weddings on to the podcast to discuss the #bridesareback National Virtual Wedding Fair and his business Just about Weddings.


Just About Weddings

Just About weddings is a hybrid service for couples that combines online shopping with a personal touch. They started with wedding dresses and progressed to menswear and accessories. Soon they will be adding a bespoke tailoring service to the website too. They offer an at home fitting service and alterations are included. Nick comes from a retail and textiles background so quality is very important to him and that is why they have chosen to work with European suppliers. You can find out more on the cast take a listen.

The other side of the business is a planning service. A section of the site that wasn't planned to arrive to the site until later in 2021, Nick said he found circumstances dictated an early arrival of the service which has seen them have a huge uptake in couples hiring them to facilitate the planning of their day. 

In both areas, Nick and his team have challenged the norms of the wedding industry but he says it's needed. He dislikes the constraints put on bridal salons when it comes to pricing gowns and he doesn't like that many couples are priced out of using a planner due to the cost. 'Wedding planners in the USA are mainstream,' Nick says, 'and we want that to be the case here too.'

By using their pricing method they have opened up wedding planning for even the most budget conscious bride. Hear more about that on the podcast.




You'd be forgiven for thinking Nick is trying to single-handedly (with his team) bring the wedding industry down as it's something he has heard before however, he is quick to point out his passion for seeing the industry get back on its feet.

'There has been a lot of negativity of late,' Nick says, 'and we want to change that and that's where the hashtag, brides are back, came from.'


#bridesareback April 17th -18th

The government have clearly let the industry down so, if they won't help us, we have to get back up and stand on our own two feet. That is why Just About Weddings is hosting a virtual NATIONAL wedding fair on the 17th and 18th of April and Nick promises it's not like any other fair you have done virtually or in person. 

You will be listed in every area you work in so if you're national you'll appear in all areas. Couples can search by geographical location to them or their venue and also search via product or service.  The advantage of this is you aren't locked out after two vendors from each service are registered and unlike an, in person fair, you don't have to be in with the venue to get access.

You will have a stand but the stand doesn't require you to buy banners or pay for literature or freebies to give away. You don't have travel expenses or food expenses either. Nick assures me that setting up your stand is simple and doesn't require you to be a tech genius and people will be able to enter into a live video conference with you should they wish to know more. 

You also have the option to add pdf literature for couples to download. 


Nick is expecting a big turn out as the company have been running a win your wedding competition. To enter brides have to register for and attend the fair on one of the days (it's a two day fair). This is how they are attracting couples and it's free for them to attend too. 

For suppliers, Nick has kept costs as low as possible stands are £100 or £150 for two fairs if you book the April and September one together. With all the savings from not having to provide the physical elements or travel to the fair, this seems a reasonable cost.

The wedding fair its self plans to remain even once regular service is resummed and they are looking to work with any providers of in person wedding fairs. it's about collaboration not take over.


Are You Ready?

The truth is although we are dealing with postponements and cancellations the horizon is set for normal service to resume in 2022 and focusing on getting bookings in the diary and taking retainers has to be a top priority. So if you want to see more about the #bridesareback national wedding fair head to the links below.


Just about weddings & Nick

IG: @just.about.weddings

FB: Just About Weddings

Website: www.justaboutweddings.co.uk

Contact: hello@justaboutweddings.co.uk

Call: 0800 7563 454

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