051 It’s All In The Proposal

Does Copywriting hold the Key to more Clients


On this week's show we have copywriting expert Alison Reeves on the show talking to us about proposals not the one between the couple but the one you send to the couple when they make an enquiry. Did you say you don't send out a proposal? Then this episode is definitely for you click the play button and listen in.

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Top Copywriting Tips For Your Proposals

Tell a story

When you are writing your proposal tell a story give them the experience they will receive from you not just a list of the features.

For example if you make cakes your feature might be: You can have 2-7 tiers, feeds 30-300 comes in x,y,z flavours.

The benefits of using you though are much different. The story sells it. 

When you book us you get a truly bespoke service. You'll come in, bring your parents have a glass of champagne and sample flavours. We can incorporate almost any flavour you can think of so if there is something that reminds you of your first date or a desert you always have we can look to bring that flavour into your cake so it's more than a cake it helps tell your story. We can work with you to design something that fits just right with you decor and theme....

Which would you be more excited to respond to?

Tell them why they should buy from you how are you different.

Pricing and Terms and Conditions

Be up front don't try to hide these in the back after all if you aren't in their budget better to know upfront. So include your pricing if you can't be specific use starting from pricing and give them the truth 'our average clients usually spend £X with us but if you let us know your budget we can tell you what we can create with it.' Your terms should also form part of the proposal so they can see exactly when payments are due how you work and what they are commiting to.

Next Steps ~ Ask for the Business

Make the next step obvious and easy. Should they book a meeting with you? Then give them a link to book a time in your calendar. Do you have a client form they need to fill out to give you more information before you book a call or meeting then give them the form and ask them to email it back. To do this part you must know your client journey, what are all the steps a client has to take from first contact through to signed contract write it out and be clear so you can guide them to the next step easily. If you don't give them the next step it's unlikely they will do anything.

Include your Contact Information

Sounds simple right but your contacts details should be over used. Have them in your email signature, have them on the proposal, I put my phone number in the footer so it's on every page. Your contact info includes your social media links. Don't just rely on hyperlinks if they print out the docs to show others they won't be clickable so put the url's as well, use bit.ly or similar to create short links to your socials.


Don't forget to include your branding in your proposal use your main brand colour for headlines have your logo on there and use company fonts.

Keep your writing clear and concise and don't ramble.




Time saving tips

Create templates. Create a proposal that covers EVERYTHING this isn't something you'd want to send out but what you would do is use it as the template for every proposal. Delete what doesn't matter to that particular client and make any adjustments. This is so much quicker than writing out a brand new proposal from scratch every time.

Do the same for your emails, have basic templates that you can access to respond quickly to incoming enquiries. You can add info or delete info as needed but working from a template cuts down your inbox time and allows you to personalise without it taking hours.

Use word or google docs to store templates so you can access from any device so you are always ready to respond.


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Alison Reeves

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