053 Save Time and Elevate your Professionalism with Carli Wall

Save time and elevate your professionalism with Carli Wall


Carli Wall of Synergy Business Success is your business bestie, working with people who run a small business from home by themselves, taking you to the next level of your business. Improving the way the business runs, and the way you work, so you can earn more, or work less, or both!

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Systems can provide so much more time in your business

One thing we have a finite amount of is time! It is our most precious commodity and is highly valuable. Using it efficiently can make a huge difference to our work life balance and the balance within our work. Where do you want to spend your time most? with your couples and creating or in your office doing paperwork?
We don't know what we don't know and just like in the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors I offer members time with me so they can have a sounding board for ideas and get feedback from someone outside their business but who understands their business. Carli offers to work with businesses to find ways of using systems to increase productivity and make the act of working alone simpler and more efficient.


Save Time with Email Systems


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Carli Talks about setting up standard responses in your current email account to answer the most common asked questions so that you can copy and paste the answers into your response then adjust it to the person asking. This can save a lot of time as with our industry it is highly likely that you'll get very similar questions a lot of the time. 

She also suggests having an FAQ page on your site that you can guide people to but always answer their question directly because that shows that you care about helping them.

Then to really take advantage and save yourself time set up a check list on your website and set up a series of automated emails that help couples get to know you better without you having to do anything. It takes some time to set up the automation and there are people who can help you with that if the tech concerns you but once it's set up its done and ready to go.

Carli suggests the use of MailChimp or Mailer lite



Elevate your professionalism with a booking system

Next Carli talk about using a booking system to book people in for an initial consultation or for meetings. We waste so much time going back and forth with people trying to find times where we are both available. By using a booking system you are giving them all your availability and they can book a time that suits them. You can choose your availability and set those limits and what work you will do if those slots don't book up. Booking systems like Calendly and Acuity integrate with online calendars like google calendars too so if you pop in a dentist appointment during a call slot it will block that time on your booking calendar.   

Using a booking system stops all the back and forth and greatly reduces the risk of double booking. Being able to give a client a link to book their own meeting time creates a professional image for your company. It makes it easier for your potential client and anything that reduces friction to booking increases the likelihood of the booking happening.
It also enable you to gain information prior to the meeting through adding a form and the system will also send out reminder emails if you want to reduce no shows. Once set up this all happens automatically and means you get all that time back to yourself to work on money making activities. A reduction in no shows also increases your chances of booking the client. 
Carli and I highly recommend and encourage you to engage a booking system.


Save time and elevate your professionalism with accounting software

Accounting software is great for your accounts but Carli talks about other uses for the software in today's episode. One of the very handy things about accounting software is the ability to send proposals through it direct to your clients and have them digitally sign up. Again we are reducing friction by doing this, they don't have to print anything our sign it and scan it back and the digital signature is legally binding. This reduces the chance of you having to chase people to sign and return things as it's easy for them to do it straight away.

You can also take deposits and set up payment plans through the software too. Meaning you can set the system up and it will do the work for you including chasing late payments if required. This means it takes away that awkwardness of chasing payments which some people find difficult and means it gives you time back again as you will be notified of overdue payments but the system will email the client to chase it. So you're in the know but it isn't taking up your time.

Carli uses Fresh books and recommends them but also mentions Quickbooks and Zero as being widely used options.


Connect with Carli

Website – www.synergybusinesssuccess.co.uk

Facebook – www.facebook.com/synergy.business.success

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Email – Carli@synergybusinesssuccess.co.uk

Carli's Offer

20% discount on Business Boost sessions (2.5 hour online session for £96 instead of £120) Find out what you can implement into your business to save you time so you can do more of the money making activities or reduce your working hours and spend more time with the family.

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