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054 Lets Get Visible with Maddy Shine

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Show up and get visible with Maddy Shine

Maddy Shine is known as the SEO & Online Visibility Queen. Her mission is to drive women to the top of Google and beyond, taking you from SEOverwhelm to her true meaning of SEO – Seeking Exciting Opportunities. Based in London, Maddy is easily spotted by her blue hair and large, colourful earrings and today on the show she is sharing her expertise to help us get more visible online.


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Get Visible Step 1.

Be Obvious

To be visible you have to be more obvious mention your products and services all the time. If you don't regularly talk about what you do and what people can pay you to do people will forget and might not even realise.

Your website and social media is not the place to be subtle ~ Maddy Shine

You don't have to be an extrovert you just have to be memorable and obvious. Tell people to share and save your posts. Use Reels, you don't have to be on camera you don't have to dance around pointing at the air use Canva they have templates for reels. Tag other suppliers in your posts where they are part of making the image happen, photographers, florist, stylist.

On your about page tell your story it's how we connect. Have a page per product it's easier to guide people to the right thing and also helps with keywords.


Get Visible Step 2.


Your keywords are your product names, product ranges and service options and services. These are the fundamentals of what your keywords are. Ideally, you want a nice long list of keywords to describe your services and products, then you want to match a page for each keyword on your website. The more keywords you target the more chances of being visible you have.

You can then create content on your blog and social media to drive to those pages.

Don't worry about your website having lots of pages that's fine, just watch your images though as they can slow your website down if they are too big and that can have a negative effect. 

Remember to expand your keywords into phrases, from wedding photographer to surrey wedding photographer, barn wedding photographer, etc. 

You can't just have spammy keyword filled pages, it has to be filled with text and images about that service and you cannot have duplicate text across your pages and posts.


Visible Maddy Shine


Get Visible Step 3.

Juicy content

Blogs are a powerful way to get visible, document what you get up to, include behind the scenes, the business side, events you do, styled shoots you do as well as real weddings and advice blogs. Advice blogs work really well so make sure you include some of them.

Use the blogs to create social content. Add your latest blog to your email signature, feature it on you home page use it in your contact page responses. Share them everywhere.

3b. Check you Google Analytics

You need to know what's working and what isn't and Google analytics will show you how visible you are. So, check your stats find out which posts resonate with your audience and find things around it to blog about You can then find out what to avoid blog on in future. knows your analytics helps you to know where you need to tweak your content if you are getting lots of views but not many sales there is a disconnect happening if you don't know your stats you wou'dn't know this.

If you don't know what you are looking at with Google Analytics go to an expert and get advice a power hour can do a lot for your understanding. This goes with anything in business, if you can't tell how well something is performing then it's a waste of you time to do it. so get help where you need it. Maddy sometimes runs a 'WTF am I looking at' workshop around google analytics I think that sums it up nicely.


How do you get to #1 on Google?

Work and Time

First remember there is more than one page 1 of Google so you have lots of opportunity to rank page one. Getting to number 1 it takes time and effort. It doesn't take millions to get to page one consistency of effort can get you there. Guest blog and do interviews with other who align with your business. Build those backlinks to strengthen your website authority.

Look at directories not just wedding directories, not just paid directories but also local directories. Get involved in styled shoots and share and tag everyone in those posts and write blogs about them. It's a great way to get PR, in promoting yourself, promoting each other.

Your time and efforts will be rewarded.


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