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055 Camera Competition with Photographer Arwyn Bailey

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A Camera is a way of life with Arwyn Bailey

Arwyn Bailey was never at an event without a camera and he found this passion became his career later in life after more than one of those life changing events happened all in one year. Focusing now one events and corporate photography Arwyn started in family and weddings in today's podcast we talk about it all.


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Camera man

Arwyn and I have a similar past when it comes to our photography from both getting hold of a camera at a young age, to having our careers and lives take us on a different journey to being the one at all the events taking photos to turning pro.

In Arwyn's studio which he is recording from in this episode his walls are covered in cameras from times gone by and I love it. I have a couple of very old models myself and want to find space to display them too.


Camera Pro

Talking to Arwyn about getting into the industry and what a 'newbie' should think about he gives some sound advice so do take a listen. He speaks about experience and how when he got his first pro camera in his hand he was taken aback by all the buttons. Thinking you know it all is a sure fire way to mess up so always be open to learning. 

He also gave a great analogue for couples thinking of skimping on their photography. He said it's the one thing surveyed couples wish they spent more on and when you compare the value it makes sense. He said when you look at how much you spend on the cake is it worth it? Of course the cake maker has a skill the cake is beautiful it's worth paying the say £500, what about the food? £50 a head perhaps, worth it? yea it was three courses and it came out hot and was served by polite well dressed servers. Great but those things are eaten and gone. On your 25 wedding anniversary what will you be pulling out? Mouldy wedding cake? A frozen prawn cocktail? No your photos, so what's the value there? Something to think about for sure.

Camera competition


The Instax 40 Camera - WIN IT!

It's a reusable instant print vintage style camera and I love the look! Arwyn gives us a run down in the episode of it's capabilities and by the sounds of it, it's a fun little camera to have around. But also a great addition to many a wedding vendors arsenal.

Bridal salons use it to snap the bride saying yes to her dress in her dress, pop it in an envelope with a thank you note, address it, stamp it and send it out to your bride the day after the wedding. Getting that moment back when she first tried it on and being able to put that image in her scrapbook will be help towards curing those post wedding blues.

Cake makers, use it to snap couples trying out samples and display the images on a sampling wall. It's a fun touch, one for the wall and one for them. 

Photographers, photo booth, film makers, wedding planners, add it to your packages as a hirer item or as a bought bolt on so they keep the camera/s once the day is done. 

It has many uses I'm sure you can think of more for your trade. The great news is you don't even have to go out any buy one yourself yet as Arwyn is giving away one of these Instax 40 cameras to one lucky listener. Of course there are a few steps to take to get your entry in and they are below.

  1. Subscribe to the wedding procast at one of the podcast providers above they are buttons that will take you straight to the show on those players, or if use a different player search The wedding Pro Cast UK and hit subscribe. Then screen shot it and send it to @donnaspwv on insta as proof of your subscription.
  2.  follow @arwynbailey and @donnaspwv
  3. Share a photo on your feed or in your stories, it can be of anything you like and tag us @arwynbailey @donnaspwv and use the hastag #wpcukcomp

This is open to UK residents only. closing date is the 19th of May at 11:oopm. The draw will be done on the 20th of May.


Connect with Arwyn

Instagram @arwynbailey

Linkedin Arwyn Bailey


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