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057 Working in Wedding Stationery ~ Nicky Fish

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Working in the Wedding Industry as a wedding stationer.

On the Show today I'm speaking with the lovely Nicky Fish from Polka Dot Creations a luxury bespoke wedding stationer based in Lincolnshire. We'll be looking at how she got started, and how continues to grow and educate herself. We'll also be looking at her reasons for being a Society of Professional Wedding Vendors member.




How did you get started in Wedding Stationery?

It started with my own wedding. I did some things for my brother's wedding and then a friend of my sister-in-law's ask if I could do some for her. She had seen the place card I'd done for my wedding my sister-in-law loved it and had it on display and that's how I got started.

I was on maternity leave so I had the time and I'd always been creative, I did Art A level. I did that for a couple of years but actually did go back to the office job. But I really missed the industry the stationery and being creative as well as working with couples. So I decided to come back to it and do it full time.


What do you love about working in the Wedding Industry?

The people in the industry on the whole are lovely and I love working with them, But it's the clients, the feedback and knowing I've done a good job and helped them. Stationery is often overlooked, and they think of the bigger expenses first and often don't see the value in the stationery. However, by having a professional do your stationery we can take the theme and pull it through the whole day which can bring everything together beautifully.

The invitation is the first thing a guest will see and it sets the tone for the day to come. If you were going for a rustic barn wedding your invitation should reflect that and your guests should understand the style of the day from the invitation.


How do you broach the options with your clients?

Generally, clients are coming to talk about save the dates and invitations but I will always mention that I can do the on the day stationery as well. I think it's important and really elevates the day by having all the stationery match. So I let them know up front all the things I can do.


How much of your work takes place in your studio and how much do you outsource?

I do have printers in the studio which I use when I'm printing paper that is set on backing card for hand embellished invitations but if it's a detailed graphic design with lots of colour then I tend to outsource that as the printer companies I use can use much thicker card than my printers and I like to use a quality card stock. I also do acrylic and glass invitations and those are sent out for printing too.


wedding Stationery


What are your top tips for getting into the wedding industry?

#1 Styled shoots

It's something I've not done until recently but they are a great opportunity to get great images of your work. Everyone involved shares and tags on social media so you get that added exposure. A lot of the time they will get featured on wedding blogs as well which is great for advertising many of the wedding blogs have been around for a long time and they have great domain authority so you're much more likely to show up in a google search on their blog post than your own website.

#2 Facebook Groups

Finding Facebook groups for your trade are a great way to get advice and support. I know in the stationery group I'm part of everyone helps each other out if there is a particular card stock that is out at your usual supplier you can find someone who knows another supplier who does it. It helps you to network with others in the industry and your trade. I don't look at them as competition. We are all in different areas with different styles so there is enough to go around, think of them as collaborators, not competition.

#3 Put your face out there yes your actual face!

When I first started I never put my face out there but since I've started to I get so many more comments and likes on those posts. People buy from people so by seeing your face they feel like they know you a little bit and feel more comfortable contacting you. It has helped me get more business by putting my face out there and letting people get to know me a little bit more.


Keep on learning

I undertook two graphic design courses when I started to elevate my skills. A diploma in graphic design and an advanced diploma in graphic design. Since then I've also done a sales course to help me with my selling techniques, it really helped me improve my confidence in selling myself and what I do. When covid hit I expanded my business stationery side and did a branding course to help me improve what I can offer my business clients. I've just started a course on SEO to help me improve my website reach. A lot of my enquiries come through Instagram and Facebook and I'd like to see more traffic on my website so I'm hoping this course will help me with that.


Why did you join the SPWV?

I started seeing your ads about a year ago and I was intrigued and wanted to find out more. I want my clients to know that I'm reliable. When potential clients come across you they have no idea who you are and if you can be trusted and to be able to display the SPWV badge on my website, I just thought it was so valuable. I think it's really helped too I've had it on my website for about a year now and you spotlight me on your social media channels and I think it really does help. There are some great training opportunities as well within the group. I could see what you were trying to do and the value that could add to my business and i'm so glad that I joined.


Connect with Nicky

Website ~ www.polkadotcreations.co.uk




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