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060 Social media and the IOS update with Caz Wilson

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What's working in Social media right now?

Caz Wilson is a social media strategist who helps hundreds of female entrepreneurs grow an aligned audience of paying clients and effectively scale their business via social media and Facebook Ads. She is a co-host of The Success Recipes Podcast. Today we talk about what's working in Social media right now and how the IOS update is affecting everything.




Consistency on Social Media

I talk about my testing on Linkedin and my decision to leave Linkedin as a main platform. Caz agrees that testing is a great thing to do but you should give it 3-6 months before deciding is it working for you or not. Caz also highly recommends choosing social media platforms you enjoy because being consistent will be much harder on a platform you don't enjoy. A common mistake is trying to be everywhere all at once and that is a recipe for disaster.


Social media tip #1 Go All In!

Pick one or two platforms to go all in on them. Make sure you use the breadth of options on them, so instagram for example, posts igtv, stories and reels. You might shy away from reels but they are getting incredible reach you don't have to dance around if you don't want to. Do a behind the scenes, take snapshots of your work and pull them together Caz uses In Shot for editing her reels videos then adds music and up loads in the instagram app. You don't have to be full face on screen but sharing you does help build trust with your viewers.


Social media tip #2 Be Consistent

When people ask gurus how do I be Consistent they often say Batching and batching is great if it works for you but it's not for everyone. Another way is to theme your days so you have an idea of what you will post on each day that helps with the creativity. So you have business posts then perhaps you love tea or your pets or the place you live. Don't make it all business all of the time let people get to know you. It adds a bit more depth and helps people remember you. It helps you when you are stuck to think around the theme and what you could post.


Social media tip #3 Don't Be Afraid of Paid Ads

With the IOS update there has been some changes no doubt but many people aren't aware of what those changes actually mean. Basically what the update means is apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others can no longer track people who are on their apple device once they leave the app. This impacts the ability to retarget these people with ads. However not everyone is viewing everything on their phone all the time. If people use their laptop or PC then that can still all be tracked so you can still use retargeting and it will show those retargeting ads on the phone.

Ads are still fine and can still work but you need to ensure your ad is good, because a rubbish ad will have a rubbish performance regardless of these updates. Don't right Facebook off it's still the biggest social media platform. And they are seemingly making pages more social I'm seeing more pages in my feed than I have for a long time. It seems they are creating more of a parallel with the way instagram business profiles work.

Facebook knows life events quickly people flip their status to engaged and boom those people will get all the wedding based ads so it's great for targeting.


Social media IOS update




There's been a shakeup with hashtags if you put one on your stories it no longer shows up in a story for that hashtag so you've lost that ability to gain extra reach there. You can use up to 30 instagram I say use them I like a tool called Flick Tech it's a UK Based company I believe and you can use the free account to do all your research. It does all the work for you on finding hashtags that will work for you. Showing you the most competitive to the least competitive. Mix it up use medium to low competitive hashtags sprinkle in the high ones.

But look at doing a reel at least once a week and doing outreach maybe 20 minutes a day on connecting with others you could even get an intern doing this for you as part of their work if you use one. Have something like link tree set up so you can have more than one link in your bio is so useful to so you have a next step for them to connect with you. Don't have more than 5 or 6 link in your list though they won't scroll forever they just want to find what you spoke about. 

Links in posts

So there are people out there that are saying don't put links in your posts put them in the comments. I say if you're going to put a link put it in the post or don't do it. I haven't seen it have much, if any effect. With Facebook it's also not showing you all the comments when you go to posts so if you put the link in the comments you have no way of guaranteeing anyone will actually see the link so if you need to use one just put it in the post. Facebook does funny things all the time they don't want people to leave the platform but live video on Facebook doesn't seem to have the reach it once had so just test it and remember things don't stay the same so what works today might not work next week and visa versa.

Remember though Ads will weather most storms as that's Facebook's revenue.



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