061 Is podcasting the missing key in your content catalogue

Is podcasting right for you?

Today is a solo show and it is just 2 full days before my 40th birthday on the day this releases. I know a lot of women hide their age or avoid mentioning it but it is what it is I think if you enjoy celebrations of life then you have to take the age with it. Not to say I'm happy about the 40 it certainly makes you look back and reflect on thinks which can be a bit painful but I'm proud to be 40 and still here and grateful for each day that I get to wake up and try to be better than yesterday.

Anyway enough of that on with the show! If you never want to podcast still listen in there may be an idea or two you can take on board even if you have a blog or YouTube channel  



Is Podcasting what's missing?

I love podcasting, I think I always fancied being a radio presenter and now I get to host and produce my own show which is pretty cool. Aside from being something I enjoy it is highly valuable to my business and creates a vast amount of content for me to use. I don't even use it to its full potential yet myself so there is always more you can do with it. This is why I think it might be what's missing from your content catalogue. Podcasting is still small in comparison to blogs and videos with around 1 million podcasts worldwide. The UK host a very small percentage this time last year UK podcasts made up just 6% of all podcast shows. So that means lots of potential. You can also start a podcast with zero outlay!


Podcast Repurposing

My number 1 reason for suggesting a podcast to you is the repurpose potential of your podcast. There are so many ways you can break it down and share it that you can literally have around 3 weeks worth of content from 1 episode.
Here are some options
  1. Load it to YouTube ~ even if you don't like being on camera you can just have B-roll or a static image showing not everyone is on YouTube to watch things some like to just listen.
  2. Use software like otter.ai to transcribe your podcast and upload it as a blog post ~ I recommend otter.ai as it's the most accurate at transcribing of the ones I've tried and I've tried a lot. With transcription, it definitely does pay to pay. You can get a set amount of uploads and minutes free with Otter.ai so you can give them a go for free.
  3. You can create soundbites to share on social media ~ Buzzsprout has the ability to do this on their hosting platform it's quick and easy and you can make multiple soundbites for each episode.
  4. You can pull quotes from the podcast and put them into social media graphics 
  5. Create a reel about the episode and or a tick tok!
  6. Make an infographic of the main points covered in the episode
  7. create a poll on your social about the 2 sides of your podcast eg. for this one I might do one that says are you thinking about starting a podcast yes or no, or listen to this episode and let me know are you intrigued to look into podcasting, yes I want to know more or nope it's not for me.  

This is by no means an exhaustive list but hopefully, it will get the wheels turning.


Podcasting to increase your know like and trust factor


So where to begin with a podcast.

Equipment: to start all you need is headphones with a mic, like the ones for your phone and a laptop or PC/MAC. That is it that is all you need to get you started. 

Software: You need somewhere to record and somewhere to host. I use Audacity to record and Zoom both free. I host my podcast on Buzzsprout and Buzzsprout pushes my podcast out to the likes of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google podcast, Sticher etc. Buzzsprout is free to get started. They will host your podcast for 90 days for free which is a great length of time to know if it's right for you. After 90 days you can remain on the free plan but what that means is every week your oldest podcast will be deleted. I recommended paying so you can keep all your podcasts I pay for the first plan up from the free and that works for me.

You also need to think about where you record, so if you are doing a solo show and you don't need to be on camera I recommend a bedroom with the curtains drawn. Why? Because your bedroom usually is the place with the most, soft furnishings that will reduce echo and give you the best sound quality you can achieve. A lot of people will record in their office which is almost as bad as a kitchen as there are little to no soft furnishings so the sound bounces around all over the place. If you are doing interviews or don't have the option to use the bedroom try to bring in soft furnishings while you do the recording to help.

I also suggest especially at the start to have a script. It doesn't have to be word for word but having a script ensures you hit all the points you want to hit and don't miss anything important out.


Ready to start your own podcast? 

Well you might be or you might be thinking I'm intrigued but not sure if you are in either of those camps I have something for you that I think will really help you. On the 7th of July at 13:30 pm GMT I am running a start your podcast from scratch workshop which will walk you through planning organising and getting ready to lunch your podcast.
You will get workbook and copy of my script template and a 20-minute bonus video of how to use audacity to do simple edits to your podcast to get it up and out there working for you. I will be live with a 90 min workshop where we will work through the planning and I'll be able to answer questions. If you can't show up live you will still be able to get the recordings and all the bonuses. This workshop is just £49 check out all the info at this link HERE and read what past students have said about the workshop.



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