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062 Love stories and Memories with Sas Huntwood

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Love stories and memories with Sas

Sas Huntwood is the owner of The Story Tellers a company that aims to capture your stories and images in a beautiful keepsake that you and your family will treasure for years to come. From commemorating special moments in a life to telling a life story these books capture, love, humour and personality. Today I sit down with Sas to talk about the value of telling stories.



Where the memories start

Sas lives in Devon and is married with a 10 year old daughter who thinks she is 21 can you relate? I have a 20 year old that thinks she doesn't live at home anymore so I have seen the progression and not a lot changes in all honesty except more grey hair!

Moving to Devon was an inspired move as just 2 months after the move we went into the first lockdown, now if you're going to be locked down anywhere?! The idea for the Story Tellers actually came a few years ago but I did with the SPWV Sas sat on the idea never quite finding the right time to start. Then we went into lock down and like me Sas decided what a great time to start a new business. Yep I think we are both crazy but some of the craziest plans end up creating the best outcomes. So, The Story Tellers was born.


So what is a story book?

It's like this is your life, Michael Aspel and his big red book but on steriods

It's the stories and the memories that sit behind the photos. Over time our mind memories fade but pictures illicit memories so what we do is capture those memories now just as they are so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. In the episode Sas shares an amazing story about the nan and grandad do take a listen as I won't do it justice in writing it here go to about the 4 min mark for the start of that story.

Story books are the capture of social history and it's so much more interesting to read it from the point of view of the person who lived it than the history book version of things. It's even more interesting when it's your family that are the hero's and heroines of the stories. 


Love Stories

Your wedding day takes a lot of planning and preparation and you don't always see all of what goes on on the day. It's a huge life event and when we tell the story of your wedding day we are telling your love story. So we interview the couple separately find out how you met how the proposal happened etc. Then we speak after the wedding and we speak with the wedding party too. So as well as the guest book or instead of the guest book you can have well wishes and advice dotted throughout the book. We discover their stories from the day as well as the couples. We capture the honeymoon too if they have one. 

love stories and memories


The Future of The Story Tellers

At the moment the way it works is there is a lot of people hours that go into create the book, from interview to design layout and copy writing. So what is happening is the introduction of the self service story book. Self service means the Story Tellers will give you prompts and questions to spark the stories and the clients will write them down, they will choose their images and create the layout and create the book. The story Tellers will then get it printed and posted. This allows them to reduce the costs of the book significantly opening up the opportunity to capture all sorts of stories you perhaps wouldn't bother with. Like a book for a beloved pet, or a celebration of life for your 18 or 21 year old. You can even do your own love story should you wish. It not only reduces the cost but enables them to produce more volume. So, more people can benefit from saving this social, family history. They will continue to do the full service story books too but this just gives people more options.


Connect with Sas




Sas has an offer for Podcast listeners any wedding storybook booked through the Wedding Pro Cast Podcast will be eligible for a 15% discount. So get in touch with the Story Tellers today and let them know you found them through the Wedding Pro Cast UK.


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