064 Make the most of your collaborations with Henriette Danel


Henriette Danel is a strategic business coach who primarily helps service-based business owners attract more clients consistently. Today on the show she dives into the pitfalls of collaborations and how to make the most of them.



The 4 Cs of Collaboration

When we collaborate we need to consider the 4 Cs

~ Choose

~ Clarity

~ Communication

~ Commitment


Choose your collaborators wisely, vet them. You need to find people with the same energy as you the same mindset as you but with different skillsets. What is it they can bring to the table? It's important that the match on an energy level if you don't match you could find you end up doing all the work while they coast along.


ensure everything is clear between all parties. What is expected of everyone what is the goal you are trying to achieve? For most people, it's more visibility so make sure the strategy for getting that is laid out and agreed to.


It's key. Once everything has been verbally confirmed clarify everything in an email. Make sure expectations are set, ensure they know what they have to do but also what it is you'll be doing too.


Everyone has to be committed it isn't a case of agreeing then sitting back while everyone else does the work so make sure if someone isn't pulling their weight that you address it so they can pick up the slack. Remind them of the commitment they and everyone else made and get back on track.



Marketing your Collaboration?

Marketing is how we make the most of our collaborations and again this needs to be clearly communicated with clarity and have the commitment of everyone for it to have the biggest impact for everyone.

One of the things people forget to do in the pre-marketing sequence before the collab happens is to talk about it, talk about what you will be doing and who you will be working with, get people excited and curious. Let them know when it's happening and to come back to your stories for glimpses behind the scenes. Then share those behind the scenes moments if everyone did this and tagged each other and then everyone reshared what everyone else was posting you'll give your audience a great overview from many angles of the day and you increase your audience reach by all the other vendors audiences.

It's like a spider web that keeps growing. the day after share your post collab thoughts then when the images are ready to share do what you do best and tag everyone and share those images. But don't forget the other options too, write a blog post about it, share top tips for a wedding day of that style from your viewpoint get the group you collaborated with to share the blog as they'll be tagged in it, and do the same for them.

Collaborations are great for building a good network around you but also for attracting new clients and so much can be done with them over and above sharing the results.

Connect with Henriette

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