065 Ever thought of using an Intern in your wedding business?


Internships could be great for wedding businesses offering an extra pair of hands during your busiest season. Taking a uni student on to help you with business aspects is a great learning opportunity for them and great for your business. How often do you forget to schedule posts or send emails when you get busy delivering your service? An intern can help pick up the slack allowing you to focus on those money making activities. I've dropped some links at the bottom of this post to help you look at various options available go to them by clicking >>HERE<<


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Using an intern

We are doing all the things but how many of those are money making activities?

What are you doing in your business that takes up too much time that if given to someone else would free you up?

How would having an extra pair of hands help you? 

I’m not an expert on interns but I’d like to share my thoughts and ideas with you and in the show notes you’ll find some links to gov sites and the legalities


Set the Expectations

You don’t have to have an intern on a full-time basis just a few hours a week can be all the help you need and they can then still get another job too. A friend of mine is currently using an intern for just 4 hours a week. 

Talk to the person find out what areas of business are of interest to them what they enjoy doing and see if you can tailor some of your work towards that. 

Decide what you want them to do and Set out the expectations clearly and go through it with them so they understand what is expected of them.  

What could an Intern do?

Social media is one of the big time sucks we face as business owners so this would be a great job for an intern.

Graphics on canva

Scheduling posts

Write captions from your dictations

Hashtag research

Helping with filming reels and IGTVs

Finding new accounts to follow

You still do all your own interacting but they set up your posts

What about your weekly content? Could you train them up to edit videos or podcasts? Could you dictate your blog into a voice app and have them write it, could they create your image graphics for it too?

You could have them set up your filling systems if you’re looking to get organised set up the structure and have them filter your documents/images etc into that new system.

There are lots of ways you can use an intern to help you in your business and in turn they get some work experience in an area that interest them. Remember though the point is to free yourself up for the money making activities so don’t give them tasks that are too complicated that you will have to hold their hand through. It should be things you can show them once and they can get on with it. If you spend too much time explaining and training then you might as well have done it yourself.


So in summary check out the link in the show notes to the gov site Interns should be paid minimum wage! 

Find the tasks that take you a lot of time and give them to your intern so you can focus on the money making activities

Make sure they are the right fit by finding out what interests them and why they want to intern with you

Give them easy tasks that you can show them once and they can run with it.

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