July 27

066 Have Better Sales Conversations

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Sales Conversations with Hannah Walker

After years in the corporate world, working across the globe securing multi-million pound contracts, Hannah realised she had more to offer the world than just winning contracts! 

Her goal now: to help as many businesses as she can to GROW LIKE HELL and reach the goals they deserve! All without being a spammy Pammy or pushy Paul.


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Have the right Sales Conversations

How many times have you gone into a meeting sweaty and nervous about talking about your prices? Or how many times have you got to that part of the conversation and skirted around the pricing because it makes you feel icky to talk about money?

Perhaps it's a British thing, perhaps it's the heart centeredness of the businesses we run but for me it always felt icky to talk about the money. Perhaps you don't mind having the sales conversation but as soon as objections come up you back away or try to justify yourself?

If any of that resonates then today's show with Hannah Walker might be just what you need so hit the play button above or hit the Apple or Spotify button to open it in your app and listen in.

In todays show we will be discussing the three biggest mistakes you can make when closing the sale.

  1. We'll discuss the pause and how important that is as part of the sales conversation in deciding who's walking away with your package you or the client.
  2. We'll talk about the language around asking for the sale and how not asking might be the only thing stopping your sales in their tracks.
  3. You are not every ones peach, we will look at why that matters and how it changes the feeling of the no sales.
  4. And finally looking at how some people over sell in their sales conversations and end up selling past the close and why this can lead to a no result instead of a yes, even when they were ready to buy.


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