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067 Anxiety got me

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Anxiety along with introversion and unlocking!

It's a little bit personal this week, I'm sharing my story to let you no if you are struggling feeling unsure and nervous you are not alone. It's easy to think that work mode takes over after not working for 16 months we should be happy and excited for back to back weddings and for some they are, for others they are but they are also worried about how they will balance their mental health during it too.


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Anxiety and Depression

There is a history of mental health issues within my family my, aunts, uncles, cousins it's not just one but many that have suffered from mild sadness to medically diagnosed schizophrenia. I fall somewhere in between. I was diagnosed with depression at 16 years old and I have battled with it on and off ever since.

There are two types of depression, chemical and situational and I had my levels checked and I do have a chemical element but on it's own it's not enough of an imbalance to warrant medication. My depression is far more influenced by the situations around me which means if I can keep myself in the right situations I don't need medication unfortunately that is not everyone's reality, bills need to be paid, family is family and you can't always control your surroundings.

What then happened was anxiety joined in, I started to have panic attacks, heart racing, sweats, tears, physically being unable to move. This happened around 7 years ago and is about the time I started to step back from photographing weddings. So that's a little back story on my journey with depression and anxiety

In todays show we will be discussing how Covid affected me and how my anxiety that has been pretty much at bay for the last 16 months reared it's ugly head. We'll...

  1. discuss anxiety and how it showed up.
  2. talk about the guilt around 'letting people down'.
  3. look at how as an introvert I deal with situations that are likely to cause anxiety 

At the end of the day I want you to know you are not a lone if this is you too. You don't have to be all things to all people and you DO have to take care of yourself. This is me giving yo permission to evaluate your diary and book in that down time you need that you rarely give your self permission to take. 


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