August 12

068 Passion to Purpose make your life work for you

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Passion to Purpose with Amy McLaren!

This busy mom of two and now bestselling author splits her time between leading Lady Strength, a growing online community of driven, entrepreneurial women, growing an Airbnb business, and being a hands-on CEO of Village Impact, the charity she and her husband founded more than a decade ago.

Village Impact partners with communities in rural Kenya to provide community-led access to quality education and entrepreneurship opportunities. To date, Village Impact has built 14 schools that deliver education to nearly 5,000 students daily.


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Passion to Purpose

Your business and life should be led with passion and purpose, today Amy McLaren talks to us about how we can all live a passion-filled life one step at a time and leave a lasting legacy. As Wedding Industry Professionals I believe we all start our business from a place of passion and purpose but sometimes it gets lost along the way join us today to reinvigorate that passion and perhaps find a few new ones. 

In today's show, we will be discussing how your passion can be weaved into your everyday life. We'll...

  1. discuss how your passions don't have to be your whole life to cup your cup full.
  2. discover your purpose doesn't have to be big huge gestures to have an impact.
  3. find out how to rediscover long lost passions
  4. find out how Passion to Purpose the book is making a very real impact on the ground for a group of girls in Kenya. 

Amy never planned to write a book it wasn't on her radar but in today's show you'll find out how she lives her passions daily and found out that many people wanted to know how she does it. Writing this book and sharing it with the world will not only impact the reader of that I'm sure but it has a huge impact on the future lives of hundreds of girls in Kenya so I truly hope after listening in you'll head to Amazon and grab your copy


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Passion to Purpose Amy McLaren


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Find Amy at www.amymclaren.com

Dover Lake House on Instagram @doverlakehouse

Village Impact www.villageimpact.com

AMY'S BOOK >>>>PASSION TO PURPOSE<<<< 100% of the proceeds are going to support the building of an all girls school in Kenya please help these girls have a safe place to grow and learn.


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  1. I love the saying
    "If you don't have time to meditate for 10 minutes..then meditate for an hour."

    Passion to Purpose
    I left a secure well paying career back in 2009 to follow my passion of sharing music performances for special occasions.

    1. YES Gary SO TRUE! and I love that you are exactly who I was thinking of when we recorded this episode. I feel most vendors in the industry do it because they love it and are passionate about what they do. Those that don’t likely shouldn’t be doing it. Just my opinion of course 😉

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