April 8

050 1st Birthday

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The Wedding Pro Cast UK Birthday Episode


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On our Birthday here's our Top Five Episodes?

  1. 039 - Tamryn Settle #whataboutweddings
  2. 041 Coping with Lockdown with Lynnette Chasmer
  3. 026 Minding your Thoughts with Saira Hasan pt3 self-care
  4. 040 Ways I Make Money That You Might Want To Try
  5. 038 - The Maestro Lincoln Noel - We are part of a collage leave your ego at the door


Key Takeaways to Celebrate this Birthday Episode

From episode 039 - Tamryn Settle #whataboutweddings we are not at ZERO. It is very easy after the year we have been through to feel like we are starting from scratch but we aren't. Even though the road map wasn't what many of us had hoped it would be it is a way forward. That way forward helps us do what we do best and that's plan!. Wedding vendors are masters of working the now while planning the future. Now is the time to focus on getting back ahead with our 2022/23 brides and grooms while looking after our 2021 couples.

Episode 048 Your Legal Fairy Godmother Is Here Let's Talk Contracts dropped a number of golden nuggets but the one I had the biggest aha! moment with, was when Heather spoke of cancellation clauses not matching with payments. Listen in for details and take a listen to Heather's episode the basics are as follows. If you say if they cancel at three months out from the wedding they owe you 50% of the full cost because you won't be able to recoup the los and you've already done X amount of work but at that point in time you're not holding 50% of the total price you're highly unlikely to recoup that loss. HUGE AHA!


birthday episode


Finally episode 038 - The Maestro Lincoln Noel - We are part of a collage leave your ego at the door. In this episode Lincoln speaks of the checking you ego at the door. I thought this was such a good point. As a performer he himself is used to being the star of the show but being able to relinquish that on a wedding day and allow the focus to be in the right place is a skill for performer but it's also something we should all remember. It's not about us it's about the day it's about their day and if it's done right the couples shouldn't be able to go oh this was good and that was good it should be, it all worked perfectly together on the wedding day it's not about standing out. it's about being that vital cog that keeps everything moving as it should. Allow your couple to shine on their day and bowl them over with your pre and post wedding customer service.

Working a wedding day is a privilege and not one that should be taken lightly so if you are a pro who values great customer service, has contracts & insurance in place and you want to be part of an organisation that is here to raise standards within the industry, support professionals  and show couples who they can trust then sign up to one of our information evenings on Facebook 

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I hope you enjoyed our look back on some of our fantastic episodes for this birthday edition. I'd like to thank all my guests who have been on the show so far it's been a pleasure to have you, your time and expertise has been very much appreciated. 

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