Whether you are a Bride or Groom you deserve to know your vendors are pros. 

While we build our vendors list we know you need help discovery if your potential vendors are pros so we have a FREE GUIDE for you it covers questions to ask and red flags to look out for. Click below to download it now. Hit the find my vendors button to see who we already have abiding by the Code of Conduct

Our Core Values

We lead by example and expect our members to do the same.

Below are the core values of the SPWV we lead by example and we expect our members to have the same values. Always leading from a place of service, being honesty in what they do and doing it because they love it.


We only do things that light us up


We put energy into everything we do


We put heart and soul into the Society


We lead with honesty


We are transparent in what we do


We respect ourselves and our members


We are always serving


We put our members first


We find ways to delight

About the Founder

After 10 years in the wedding industry I chose to put my stake in the ground. Couples deserve the best on their wedding days. Sometimes things do go wrong but these things shouldn't be because your vendors didn't do what they were meant to do. This Society is here to raise standards within the industry and to show you who you can trust with your wedding day.

Happy Planning

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