April 13

Celebrating 3 Years. ~ 152

Business development, Growing your business


It's been 3 years!

Wow and just like that 3 years have flown by and what a three years they have been! In today's episode, we are talking about evolution and change as it relates to the podcast but also your business.

I'm looking back at some great podcast guest episodes that if you're going through a change in your business or feel the need to make a change in your business these episodes will be right up your street.


If you would like to be a guest on the show and have a business story to tell or something to teach small business owners then please fill out THIS FORM to apply.

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Let's celebrate!

It makes me so happy to bring you guests and information to help you grow and streamline your business and that won't stop. I'm so excited about the future and where this podcast will go in its new iteration and I do hope you stick around for that.

In today's Episode:

  • why this podcast even exists
  • why the change
  • looking back 

"If you can't change it, change your attitude."

-Maya Angelou.

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Celebrating 3 years



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059 Evolove your brand with Marie Louise
064 Let's Collaborate with Henriette Danel
068 Passion to Purpose with Amy McLaren
069 Is Negative Self-talk sabotaging your success with Vivienne Joy
145 Two Weeks Notice Amy Porterfield

Social Media
Canva (my Recommendation)
Sprout Social

Convert Kit
Hub Spot
FEA Create (the all-in-one platform I use)

Booking Systems
Calendly (my recommendation for starters)
FEA Create (the all-in-one platform I use)


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