May 5

Content and purpose| Engage with your audience ~ 105

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Content with purpose

Don't ever create content just for the sake of it as I said last week that just clogs up the internet. You need to have a purpose behind it and it needs to provide value to your audience and when it provides value and they take the time to engage then they should be rewarded for that but having you acknowledge that. This is what builds loyal followings and grows more potential clients.


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Ignore them to your detriment! 

Engagement on social media is something so many businesses crave, that like, heart or the holy grail a comment. It shows someone is listening and has found value in what was said. It is validating that you're on the right path. But what happens when that comment is left without a response?

In today's episode, we'll cover

  • The purpose behind your content

  • How ignoring your audience can have a negative impact on your business growth

  • Why doing Instagram lives could damage your brand

'When the world calls pick up the phone'





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  1. Great topic

    … I always reply to Facebook live comments and encourage people to leave a comment after the live with a hashtag #Reply if they are not watching in real time .. Youtube is great because it gives you notification that a comment has been left.

    I do need to set up notifications on other platforms such as Insty and Twitty where posts are automated on a schedule

    Must admit, yes it does feel good to be responded to and inclusive when my comments are acknowledged and responded to.

    I hope you reached out to your friend .. they may not realise what it is they could be doing better

    1. Thank Gary your input is always appreciated 🙂

      It wasn’t my friend’s live and I think she might have felt it rude to interrupt the other lady to bring in the comments. I can’t be sure. SHe has always addressed comments in her own lives though.

      Hopefully, this episode will help some in our industry to not make the same mistake 🙂

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