February 24

Evening Routine just as important as Morning Routine ~ 094

Productivity, Self development


Why do you need a good evening routine?

A good morning routine starts with a good evening routine. Sleep is one of the best things we can give our body so preparing for it is important. How many times have you gone to bed and not been able to get to sleep because a million and one things are running around your head? Perhaps evening journaling will help. What about your lighting? Bright screen lights right up until you put your phone down next to your bed? You might want to look at blue light blockers.

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Improving my evening routine.

I'm a night owl self confessed. I have more energy in the afternoon I'm slow to get going but once I start I could keep going into the wee small hours. That being said working into the wee small hours isn't good for the body in a number of ways so I'm looking to adjust my patterns by creating a good evening routine that will give me good sleep followed by a good morning routine.

In today's show, we will be discussing ...

  1. What depression and self care looked like for me two years ago.
  2. How understanding your circadian rhythm can help you understand your energy better.
  3. What apps I use.
  4. What my evening routine plans are.

Today's Quote:

'Your Future Depends On Your Dreams, So Go To Sleep'

Mesut Barazany


evening routine clletion of items to help you go to sleep, eye mask, headphones, journal, tea



Ep093 Finding a good Morning routine

Leora Mofsowitz

Rise on Apple on Google

Samples of shampoo & conditioning bars

The Shampoo & Conditioner I use (bought in June 2021 and still going I wash my hair twice a week)

Blue light blocking glasses

Skincare Tropic with Emily

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

My Health Coach Angella

Vitality Rooms with Catherine Chapman

Coffee Self Talk by Kristen Helmstetter 

The Wedding Pro Cast UK Group on FB

Join the SPWV

The Client attraction journey Quiz


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