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Reset your wedding business and Get Set to take on 2020 Part 2


COVID-19 brought our industry to a halt, no work, no pay, postponements and worse still cancellations. This has negatively impacted the bottom line for many.

If you are one of them you might be feeling frustrated and unmotivated. You've had to have calls with couples you never expected to have trying to be fair to them as they postpone or cancel and keep your business afloat.

Your goals for 2020 may seem like a distant memory. They may have walked out the door when the UK shut down and you haven't seen them since.

But 2020 is not over yet! We have time to make 2020 count. Perhaps not in line with our original goals but we can still create success. So, if your motivation is low or you've lost your mojo, let's get it back!


In this 21-day Challenge we are going to Reset your business by focus on 3 key areas

Step 1. Brand Clarity

Let's make sure your brand  is still representative of  you and the clients you want to attract.

Step 2. Client Communication

Streamlining your communication process so you can show up in bigger and better ways for your clients.

Step 3. Embracing Content

Discover what type of content works best for you and plan you content for the next 6 months so you can be consistent.

With these steps taken you will have RESET your business, reignited your passion and motivation and be ready to smash 2020 Part 2

Hi, I'm Donna and I founded the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors and I'm here to guide you through this 21-day Reset to Get Set Challenge.
I have worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years and started my wedding photography business in 2009 a year after the banking crisis. Then I started the SPWV in April 2020. (I'm not afraid to follow my passion, even in a crisis)
This means I've been there I know how hard it can be to keep motivated when things seem bleak. However, my members are telling me their enquiries are picking up so now is the perfect time to Reset your business and reignite that passion.
Join today and let me help you rock 2020 Part 2. Let's do this!
You will get a short video Monday to Friday and a work book each week. The Challenge is here to spark ideas and get you moving. Don't feel you have to spend hours on the tasks the tasks are to help you Reset your business and the Facebook pop-up group and my emails are there to boost your motivation. Come on let's do this!
See you on the inside.
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