How Sustainable is your business? 082

How sustainable is your business?

I'm not talking money I'm talking environmental impact and use of resources. 

In todays episode sparked but the hot topic of sustainability and the Plastic Tax that will be in play next April we are going to look at what small things we can do that could make a big difference.

The plastic Tax is unlikely to be something small business owners need to worry about but when you look at your supply chains, it might affect them. Often more environmentally friendly options tend to have a bigger expense so there might be a knock on effect to our bills. 


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Where can we start in creating sustainability in our business?

Small changes make big impacts so even the little things make a difference. Have you heard the saying look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves? It's the same thing if you focus on the one thing or the small thing then the big thing will automatically get better. The biggest change comes when everyone focuses on the one thing but a huge impact can be made with many people focusing. Be one of the many

In today's show, we will be discussing ...

  1. Single use plastic and how ditching the plastic water bottles can help you market your business.
  2. Paper waste, the need to print or not.
  3. Digital Clutter the answer to paper waste isn't to store everything in the cloud indefinitely.

Today's Quote:

'How wonderful it is that nobody had to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world '

Ann Frank.


sustainability environmentally friendly



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