November 11

How to stand out without lowering your prices 081

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How do you stand out in a saturated market?

It is something everyone in all markets struggles with. Did you know your brain lets in just four types of information? I learnt this recently at a work shop with Kate Grosvenor

  1. Your Name. Ever been in a crowded noisy room and heard someone over the way say your name and you head immediately turns?
  2. Imminent danger. Been in another room hear a crash from the room your child is in and immediately stopped what your doing and run to the danger?
  3. When your partner wants... you know ;). How many times do you just sense what's on the cards without them uttering a word?
  4.  Everything you tell you brain is important. How many times have you found a car colour and thought to your self oooo I like that, not seen that colour before. Then before you know it you've seen 20 cars that colour over the next week.

I was surprised at the third one but you know what totally true! I called it my sixth sense apparently its just hardwired from cave women days and the need to survive. But number 4 is where it is at, just like the car scenario you tell your self that being a wedding cake maker is important to you, so your brain highlights all the cake makers and suddenly they are everywhere you turn right? Yet you don't see an endless supply of lock smiths in your field of vision do you? Yet a lock smith will be hyper aware of all the other lock smiths around. You see them because you're telling your brain it's important, so we always feel our market is overly saturated. Remember that.


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Standing out is important but stand out for the right reasons

In today's episode Kate talks to us about 3 ways we can set ourselves apart from the crowd, attract our ideal clients and get paid properly for the work we do...

In today's show, we will be discussing ...

  1. Knowing our value and the value of our work.
  2. Communicating our style and services clearly online to attract our ideal audience.
  3. Why providing your prices upfront isn't the way to serve your potential clients and what to do instead.

Today's Quote:

'If you talk to everyone you talk to no one '

Meredith Hill


stand out without lowering prices



Kate Storey 

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