It’s OKAY to not be OK 084

Are you ok?

It's a question we get asked a lot isn't it? Often we just give the 'yea' response or 'I'm fine' or 'I could be better' (or worse). But often this is just a mask we can't say I'm great because we don't feel it but we don't want to burden anyone with the truth. 

Well I'm here asking you are you OKAY? and I truly mean it because I know I haven't been of late and I know I'm not alone. I want you to know you aren't alone either.


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You have to be honest with yourself first?

Although as I talk about in the episode I'm not advocating going out side your house and screaming I'm not ok (though if it helps you feel better I totally advocate a scream session!) We do have to get honest with ourselves and how we are feeling and we do need to find someone we trust who we can then confide those feelings. Not everyone has to know but if you are going through a tough spot right now I'm here sharing my story so you know you aren't alone

In today's show, we will be discussing ...

  1. The reality of living with depression and anxiety
  2. How SAD and the weather can take their toll
  3. The delayed impact of Covid 
  4. Ways in which I'm trying to change those feelings

Today's Quote:

'It's ok to not be ok, it's not ok to stay there '

Perry Noble.




NHS HELP mental health crisis

Find numbers of help lines here

Catherine Chapman ~ Vitality Rooms


Self-care Series

Our self-care mini series: all the parts are listed below. Do take a listen to the series I had some amazing guests coming to share their expertise with us.

Part 1 ~ Digital Detox ~ You are here

Part 2 ~ Let's get Physical, Physical (tell me you didn't sing the title) with Catherine Chapman

Part 3 ~ Minding your Thoughts with Saira Hasan

Part 4 ~ Food for Thought with Victoria Bell


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