August 4

Starting a Wedding Business: Practice~ 118

Growing your business, Professionalism, Starting a wedding business


Practice makes perfect

Perfect I'd argue doesn't exist but practice certainly makes you more prepared and improves your skills. So today we aren't talking about practicing for perfection instead we are talking practice for professionalism. 


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Practice your Craft before Starting your Business. 

You don't have to be perfect but you need to be pretty darn close if you're working a wedding day. Practicing your craft should never stop, even 10 years in trying new things and practicing those things is important so you can upskill and provide excellent service to your clients
In today's episode:

  • Horror Stories
  • Why you should practice your craft
  • Where do you get the practice
  • How much practice do you need?

If you Don't Practice you don't deserve to WIN.

Andre Agassi




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