April 22

052 The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors open

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On this week's show I am talking about the SPWV because until Monday the 26th at 9 pm you can join as a new member. So take a listen to the podcast below. If you are in time catch me on Instagram at 10 am too @donnaspwv.

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Launch Day for the SPWV

Today is launch day the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors opens its doors to accept new members today but we are only open until 9 pm on Monday the 26th of April so you need to be quick.

Jo's Story

In today's episode, I tell you the story of a bride named Jo. I forgot to mention in the recording she had actually requested black and white photos from the photographer but he hadn't edited the images at all. It was like he literally took the images off his memory card and put them straight on to a memory stick and that was it.

She was the first bride I saw disappointed in the images she had received from her big day. It's a lesson for both couples and vendors. For couples, if you ask for a discount don't be shocked if the service isn't as good as it could or should be. For vendors, don't discount your pricing, when you know your value and know you are worth your pricing then doing to for less could cause you to be less invested in the outcome which could negatively affect your reputation.

Jo would have been better of going for a photographer that was newer to the industry and there for charging less due to not yet having the right level of experience. She would have been able to afford their set package without requiring a discount and the vendor would have been looking to do a great job as they strive to increase their reputation and experience. 

Listen in for the story.

The Society is here to educate couples on why they shouldn't be looking for discounts from service providers and why they should look for the best for their budget. We also encourage our members to price themselves fairly and for-profit because though our members join the industry for the love of it, to stay in the industry we have to be making a profit, whether that's to cover your living costs, family fun money or just the costs of doing business.

Jo was very much let down by a photographer who didn't discount his service but rather did her a service to the value of what she paid which left her disappointed in her images.

The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors Has a New Level

I'm excited to announce this time around we have 2 levels of membership available, first is the Full Membership which is open to vendors who have completed at least 10 weddings from start to finish. Second is our Back End Membership which is open to all new vendors to the industry who want to get set up on the right foot from the beginning. Once you have completed and provided evidence of 10 weddings completed you will be able to upgrade to the Full Membership and get access to the public-facing benefits of the Society.

So if you are ready to dive in you can head to https://bit.ly/SPWVjoinnow

If you have questions I am live on Instagram at 10 am Thursday 22nd @donnaspwv
If you miss the Live on Instagram I am also going Live on Facebook

Sunday 25th https://fb.me/e/1c0o4NVKK

Monday 26th https://fb.me/e/23ynaKfb1

Click the link and click going to get reminded and set a phone reminder so you don't miss out doors close at 9 pm on Monday the 26th of April.

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