It's time to stop procrastinating and get productive

Productivity Coaching Week 20th Sep - 24th Sep

Join us for a week of productive as we get to grip with our calendars and work on creating more time in your week. 

20th -24th of September

Do you find yourself getting the the end of the day and not knowing what you've done? Do you find yourself procrastinating and getting behind with your work? Does this impact on the time you have for the fun parts of your business? If so productivity coaching week is for you.

Productivity Coaching Week

Join us for 5 days of FREE coaching 20th - 24th Sep. where we will get you and your productivity back on track ready to conquer the last quarter. We will look at the following:

Blogging in the wedding industry

Understand what you NEED to do in your business

Often times we think we have to do it all and sometimes that is true. Especially in the beginning but sometimes it isn't. We will dive into this.

The benefits of calendar blocking

Calendar blocking can be a game changer so we will look at my system and a few alternative options to help you make the most of your calendar.

Make up Artist weddings

The power of white space

Not all procrastination is bad and actually taking time away from the desk can be a very productive action to take.

wedding photography

Get focused

Procrastinating is the best why to get behind and when you get behind balls start to drop and the last thing you want is that to impact your clients. 

Success is what happens when preparation meeting opportunity ”

Zig Ziglar

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Ready to join us?

5 days of productivity coaching aimed at making the most out of the time you have. One task a day and join me in the evening for a live Q&A on the days task. Let's make the the final quarter of 2021 our most productive yet!

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donna eade founder of Society of Professional Wedding Vendors
Donna Eade

I'm the founder of the Society of Professional Wedding Vendors and  I spent 10 years as a wedding photographer running my own business. So I understand how easy it is to get distracted and let procrastination set in. I am here for you for this entire week and together we are going to take ACTION because talking about it won't fix it but action just might.

See you on the inside!

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