Wedding Training & Tools Recommendations

If you are looking to join the ranks of Wedding Professional you might like to take on some training either in your trade or in the profession before you start. Formal education isn't necessary in all areas of the wedding industry, however, at the SPWV we feel that when you are willing to invest in educating yourself and constantly striving to improve you are going to be the type of vendor that couples can really trust in.

Below you will find some of our recommended suppliers of education  and business tools in various areas within the wedding industry. We only recommend training that we have first had experience with or where we know the training provider well. Some links are affiliate links meaning some providers give us a referral fee if you decide to train with them this doesn't add to your costs and in some cases you are offered a discount by the provider for joining by referral.

Wedding Planning Course

If you are looking at starting out as a wedding planner the Wedding Academy is a great place to start building you knowledge. They are highly experienced in what they do  so take a look here >>>

The Photography Institute

If you are looking to be a photography pro wedding or otherwise the photography institute has a great course that helps you understand the technical aspects of photography and can grow your passion into a thriving career. They are offering you a discount on their course with my link  too so head over and take a look here >>>

The Professional Photography Course

Save £100 going through our link This is actually the course Our CEO & Founder Donna took when She started as a wedding photographer.

Coming Soon Bridal Styling

Details coming soon about perfecting your bridal hairstyling with a wonderfully talented trainer. 

Canva Imaging and Scheduling

We use the Canva suite every day at the SPWV. Whether it's to schedule our social content or create graphics to share on our website podcast or socials. It is a very valuable tool and you can now schedule to Instagram which is a new feature.


create and resize graphics to fit all plateforms, utilise stock imagry or upload your own. Set up your brand kit so you are always using the right colours and fonts.

Calendly Booking System

Using a booking system is professional and saves you and your clients time by giving them access to all of your availability meaning they can pick a time to suit them.


You can start using calendly for free but their paid version gives you more tools at your disposal so take a look and choose what works best for you. We use Calendly but you can also try Acuity.

More opportunities will appear soon...

Keep coming back, if there is training you'd like to find but you're not sure where to go email spwv@spwv.co.uk and let us know and we will look to see if we can find that training for you.

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